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5 Delicious Ways To Hack A Chocolate Fountain

Please try this at home. (Full directions at the bottom of the post.)

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Cream cheese accoutrements:

Cinnamon rolls

Carrot cake

Red velvet cake

Doughnuts and doughnut holes


Apple and cherry pie

Ginger cookies

Store-bought pastries like Entenmann's

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

Nutella accoutrements:


Bananas, strawberries, apples

Big marshmallows

Rice Krispie treats

Croissants and other pastries

Doughnuts and doughnut holes

Ice cream and ice cream cones

Maple syrup accoutrements:


Fried chicken

Scrambled eggs (or, if you are brave, serve the eggs like this)



Bacon (To form roses, just roll them up, put swirl-side up in a muffin tin, and bake at 375º until they look done, about 20 minutes.)

Ketchup accoutrements:



French fries

Tater tots

Chicken nuggets

Corn dogs

Scrambled eggs

Nacho cheese accoutrements:

Soft pretzels


Hot dogs

Corn dogs

Apple pie

Apple slices

(We also used burritos and tacos; however, if you do this, pieces of meat or lettuce will probably fall out and run through the fountain for the duration of your party, which is kind of gross. We'll leave that up to you.)

We used the 18" Sephra Classic Home Fondue Fountain, which you can easily find online for about $100. It worked well and was surprisingly easy to clean.

Making a party fountain is all about viscosity (finding the right thickness of the liquid so it will flow freely and triumphantly through your fountain levels). This usually requires watering the liquid down and/or thinning it out with veg oil. The easiest, most smooth-flowing of the fountains we constructed was definitely the nacho cheese fountain. The most finicky was the maple syrup, largely because it was already too thin and splattered all over the place, so we had to thicken it with corn syrup.

All of the ideas above were awesome. Here are some more:

Melted butter: lobster, crab, shrimp, steak

BBQ sauce: ribs, chicken skewers, burgers

Gravy: biscuits, mashed potato balls, chicken fried steak

Hollandaise: basically anything

You need about 6 lbs. (96 oz.) of cheese, or chocolate, or frosting, or whatever.

Turn on the heat button in your party fountain too. Put the liquid in a large stockpot over low heat. As the liquid heats, add about a cup of water and/or vegetable oil, whatever makes sense for the flavor you're working with (unless you are using maple syrup, in which case you want to add a cup of corn syrup), and whisk. The fountain comes with a handy funnel that helps you get the right viscosity (thickness) for your liquid. Read the directions for your specific fountain and use the funnel until you've thinned the liquid enough. It takes some practice, so you might do a test run before your party and write down the ratio.

Having some trouble? So did we at first. Here are tips.

• If your fountain stream isn't a solid curtain, it may be because the fountain itself isn't level and you need to prop up one of the legs a little bit.

• If the liquid is too thick but you already added it to the fountain, the best place to pour in water is down into the tube at the top.

• If the liquid is too thin but you already added it to the fountain, heat more chocolate/cheese/ketchup/etc., but with much less water in it this time, then pour it down into the tube at the top of the fountain.

Suggestions are above. Also: You need skewers, tongs, plates, napkins — things that help people not contaminate the fountain. Choose accoutrement that DO NOT have small chunks of meat or things in them that will spill out into the fountain. For example: The tacos were a bad idea.

Photographs by Macey Foronda. Art direction by John Gara. Food styling by Emily Fleischaker.