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    36 Reasons That Fall Is The BEST

    Chunky sweaters, pumpkin stuff, and leaves. QED.

    1. Chunky Socks and Boots

    2. Pumpkin Coffee Cake

    3. Actually, Any Pumpkin Dessert Ever

    4. Leaves

    5. Leaves AND a Cabin

    6. Halloween for Cats

    7. Halloween for Dogs

    8. Halloween for Fingernails

    9. Chunky Scarves

    10. TV Shows

    11. Football Food

    12. Less Classy Football Food

    13. Tech Companies Release New Gadgets

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    Obviously iPhone 5 has to be on the market before you make your Christmas wish list.

    14. Braised Meat

    15. Especially Meats Braised in Beer

    16. Cozy Mugs

    17. Especially Mugs When They Are Full of Warm Apple Cider

    18. Or Shaped Like Owls

    19. New Essie Collection

    20. Brown Butter-Sage Ravioli

    21. Back-to-School Shopping

    22. Reading with a Cup of Tea

    23. Campfires

    24. Blankets

    25. This Hedgehog

    26. Candy Corn

    27. And Oreos Flavored With Them

    28. Hot Wings

    29. Pumpkin Ale

    30. Tweed Blazers

    31. Miniature Pumpkins Stuffed with Food

    32. Caramel Apple Jell-O Shots

    33. Sweaters Made of Alpaca

    34. Grilled Cheese Croutons

    35. Fireplaces with Dogs In Front of Them

    36. Flannel