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21 Amazing Cakes To Combat Post-Election Boredom

They all have a surprise inside! Yay.

1. Leprechaun Trap Cake

2. Rainbow Heart Cake

3. Regular Heart Cake

4. Oreo Cake

5. Flag Cake

6. Ghost Cake

7. Peacock Cake

8. Polka Dot Cake

9. Mini Heart Cake

10. Bat Cake

11. Jack O Lantern Cake

12. Harry Potter Cake

13. Easter Cake

14. Pie-Inside-Cake Cake

This is the cherpumple. The bottom layer is pumpkin pie inside a spice cake. The middle layer is apple pie inside a yellow cake. The top is cherry pie inside a white cake. It's coated in cream cheese frosting. Get directions here.

15. Rainbow Cake

16. Flower Cake

17. Easter Egg Cake

18. Strawberry Cupcake

19. Clown Cake

20. Christmas Cake

21. Checkered Wedding Dress Cake