17 Groovy New Kitchen Gadgets Your Mother-In-Law Is Scared Of

Owning an electric can opener is like having a magician in your kitchen, say nothing of nonstick pans.

1. The Electric Can Opener

Let’s assume you want to dedicate counter space to opening (and sharpening?) a can of Cream of Mushroom Soup at least once a day.

2. The Radio Teasmade

Because any decent clock radio can and should make your morning cuppa.

3. The Electric Bread and Meat Slicer

Imagine how manly your husband will look using this on a Thanksgiving turkey.

4. The Food Processor

Save yourself the onion tears with two magnificent speed settings.

5. Nonstick Pots and Pans

So what if Teflon was first used to resist uranium hexafluoride gas during the Manhattan Project. Now it belongs in your kitchen!

6. The Amazing Veg-o-Matic

Gallagher thinks it’s smashing and so will you.

7. The Slow Cooker

No it’s not a turntable; it’s the new way to make all meat taste exactly the same!

8. The Electric Citrus Juicer

It is time to throw away that old citrus reamer and then never say the word “ream” again.

9. The Electric Snackwich Maker

Insert bread and cheese. Receive instant happiness.

10. The Electric Corn Popper

Theaters are a bummer. Stick it to The Man with a movie night at home.

11. The Electric Blender

If you like Pina Coladas.

Makes sweet love to a box of Betty Crocker cake mix.

12. The Hand Mixer

This. Changes. Everything.

13. The Two-Slice Toaster

You read right: TWO slices, one toaster.

14. The Coffee Percolator

Mary J. Blige will eventually explain this word. For now, percolatin’ applies only to your coffee.

15. The Yoghurt Maker

So you too can lie about your age—just like these people from Georgia.

16. The Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

For when even the most caffeinated cuppa tea doesn’t cut it. (See #1)

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