17 Best Salt Pigs That Are Actually Shaped Like Pigs

That headline is a trick because all salt pigs shaped like pigs are the best.

1. A salt pig is a little dish that holds salt.

2. But it’s not just any old dish. It’s a hooded dish with a big round opening.

3. This is important because you can reach in there and get salt easily.

4. You should probably be salting practically everything you cook,

5. …so if your salt is in a cabinet somewhere, you’re doing it wrong.

6. They aren’t named that because they look like a pig. That’s a dumb way to get a name.

7. They’re named because the word “pig” in an old Scottish dialect means earthenware jar or pot. And that’s a badass way to get a name.

8. The hooded part helps keep moisture out of your salt…

9. …or at least they do if you get a proper earthenware one with an interior made of unglazed ceramic that absorbs moisture.

10. Their “hood” keeps dust and other stuff out of your salt.

11. Also they aren’t always shaped like pigs.

Oops. That one’s a cat. HOW DID THAT GET IN HERE.

12. But when they are, it’s really great.


Adorable curly tail handle!

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