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    14 Food Reasons It's OK That Obama Is Our President Again

    He leans over a burger. If you don't know what that means then maybe you've never really eaten a burger.

    1. He looks you in the eyes on a toast.

    2. He looks her in the eyes on a toast.

    3. He leans over a burger.

    4. Sometimes he looks guilty about it but whatever.

    5. He eats tacos.

    6. He's really happy eating tacos.

    7. He gets serious about Guinness.

    8. He looks a little drunk sometimes when maybe he should.

    9. He looks really awkward when he eats ice cream.

    10. But he looks like a boss with a snow cone.

    11. Even with a spoon.

    12. He picks a good fry.

    13. He eats pizza with his hands.

    14. He tucks in for a meal.