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10 People Who Tried To Jog In Central Park During The Hurricane

Plus several more who ignored the caution tape at Hudson River Park. New Yorkers are the best.

This is Central Park at 2pm today as NYC prepares to receive Hurricane Sandy. Obviously the park is closed.

But stand there for a minute or two and a runner will pass by.

Actually, a lot of runners.

One can only assume that these runners thought the park would be open.

And they were determined to squeeze in a little exercise.

You have to admire their dedication.

Many of them were even in shorts.

New Yorkers are so awesome.

Some of them were in those crazy barefoot running shoes.

Likewise, this is the Hudson River Park at 59th Street.

Obviously it is also closed.

But this is stopping no one.

New Yorkers are determined to exercise.

Hurricane Sandy or not.

Luckily the policemen think it's hilarious.

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