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Struggles Every Non-Norwegian SKAM Fan Knows To Be True

Sorry but wtf is a russebuss

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For anyone who has been living under a rock or doesn't want to know what true joy feels like, SKAM is a Norwegian teen drama which focuses on a group of school friends, with each season focusing on a different character

SKAM also releases clips throughout the week so that viewers get to see the story unfold in real time. As awesome as this is, it means having to wait that little longer for the subtitled versions to become available

Then there are the Norwegian traditions that go STRAIGHT over your head

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For example, most characters are obsessed with Russefeiring, a celebration where high school students buy a bus and literally party for weeks on it after graduating from high school. Who knew, right?!

Reading the subtitles, particularly when they are layered on top of characters talking over each over while reading messages. can be a NIGHTMARE

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Cue pausing the action to read all the long messages these characters seem to get!

You miss out on fan discussions

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One of the best things about being in a fandom is being able to discuss the episodes afterwards, but it can be a little challenging in this case! *Cracks out Norwegian dictionary*

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