21 Times Drita On “Mob Wives” Was The Biggest Badass To Walk The Earth

All hail the best thing to ever happen to Staten Island.

1. When she showed up to a Gatsby-themed party not as a flapper — but as a gangster.

<3 my hero <3

2. When she was basically Confucius.


3. When she took this picture and looked like a flawless twentysomething but then you realized this is the face of a 37-YEAR-OLD…WITH TWO KIDS.

Thirty-seven. Yup. The average life expectancy in 1850 looks like this face.

4. When she rapped and you were like, “I want to be these words coming out of your mouth because each breath is more badass than any amount of badassery I will ever have in my entire body after seven lifetimes.”

5. When her hair looked like a mermaid had met an angel and they sat together on a rainbow and played the harp and weaved together the most perfect strands known to the heavens.

6. When she Instagrammed her dog.

7. And dressed her like the most badass little pup to ever be so excited to have a snow day.

8. And put her in between stuffed animals and she was all like, “Obviously this picture would look better if it were only me in it.”

9. When she confronted a man who’d been stalking her store and he was so scared shitless that he literally RAN AWAY in pure, unadulterated terror.

Because obviously.

For the record...he never came back.

— Drita Davanzo (@DritaDavanzo)

Drita Davanzo


For the record…he never came back.

/ Via

10. When she looked totally breathtaking walking the runway for an AIDS benefit fashion show.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

“The Reality of Fashion, the Reality of AIDS” fall 2013 benefit show.

11. When her toned arms looked like a sculpture that had been chiseled to perfection for years before the artist was like, “OK, I’ve got it, now I can unveil this to the world.”

I mean.

12. When she did this and you wanted her to be around you 24/7 to protect you and everyone else in your life.

@DritaDavanzo remember when u bashed some guys up for throwing cheese burgers at a disabled kid lol

— Lil' Kim On Yo Tits (@boycottnicki)

Lil’ Kim On Yo Tits


@DritaDavanzo remember when u bashed some guys up for throwing cheese burgers at a disabled kid lol

/ Via

13. When she was BFF with Snooki.

Who, let’s be real, is another pretty badass babe.

14. When you were like, “OMG wow I feel that way about snow TOO” and wanted desperately to be BFF with her.

The snow is beautiful and everything...but #ImOverIt snowing once is enough for me. I hate the cold weather.

— Drita Davanzo (@DritaDavanzo)

Drita Davanzo


The snow is beautiful and everything…but #ImOverIt snowing once is enough for me. I hate the cold weather.

/ Via

15. When she wore glasses with French Montana and smiled and was radiant but still looked like someone you didn’t want to look at the wrong way for fear of losing your own life.

16. When you realized her taste in music is top-notch and all you wanted to do was dance with her at the club to reggae music and have fun times and talk shit with her.

17. When Big Ang said she wanted to have a baby and Drita kept it real and was basically like:

18. When she ‘grammed this pic of her kids — who she’s been raising for four years on her own — who are totally adorbz.

19. When she repped New York hard.

20. When she spoke straight into all of our souls.

21. And finally, when she said this:

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