Which "Catfish" Personality Are You?

A very, very important quiz to help you uncover your Catfish spirit animal.

  1. 1. What's your favorite way to spend an hour of free time?
    1. Gchatting with total babes.
    2. Repeating my own name roughly 80 times.
    3. Fiddling around with a piece of video equipment I’m not really sure how to use just yet, but with practice I have faith I’ll master.
    4. Making wedding plans and texting emoji hearts.
  2. 2. What one habit are you incapable of breaking?
    1. Calling people I don’t know just to say my name a few more times. *sigh* It simply sounds like a word crafted by angels, no?
    2. Giving virtual strangers access to my checking account.
    3. Pointing at things with a black, hollow box.
    4. Trolling, sitting around, trolling some more.
  3. 3. My experiences with internet friends drove me:
    1. Nowhere, really. I kind of just hover over other people while they’re using the internet.
    2. Drove *me*? You wish, loser. People love me so much they’ll fly across the country to see me.
    3. Into debt, despair, and an eternal questioning of my self-identity.
    4. Into the arms of a silver fox.
  4. 4. In one word, describe yourself.
    1. Hairy
    2. Dapper
    3. Naive
    4. Creative
  5. 5. You are simply blown away by:
    1. How easy it is to get a free ticket to pretty much anywhere in the country by simply smiling and nodding.
    2. The technology behind Google Image and Facebook search functions.
    3. How mind-numbingly idiotic the majority of the American population is.
    4. How being marginally attractive and having a cool name is really all you need to land your own reality show.
  6. 6. You are completely terrified by:
    1. Skype.
    2. Sleeping in a hotel room by yourself.
    3. Discovering the actual definition of “love.”
    4. Your career prospects.
  7. 7. You have a loose grasp of:
    1. How the internet works.
    2. How to take videos.
    3. The word “exploitation.”
    4. Empathy.
  8. 8. How do you typically use Google?
    1. What’s Google? Is that like a Facebook?
    2. To scope out hotties (the more bod mods, the better) for new profile pics.
    3. I don’t use it, but my producers do.
    4. To look up instructions for how to use my camera.
  9. 9. What's your favorite TV show?
    1. What’s a TV? Is that like a Facebook?
    2. Catfish, obvi.
    3. I usually tune in to whatever my bestie wants to watch.
    4. To Catch a Predator. Morons!
  10. 10. Who is your ideal life partner?
    1. Nev
    2. Max
    3. Anyone who texts me “143” at least 10 times a day
    4. I don’t know why you’d want a life partner when you can just hang out in your Facebook inbox.

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