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What Are Your Favorite Products For Traveling With Kids?

Because children are wonderful — but long trips with children, sometimes not so much.

Traveling is the best. You get to see the world! Explore new cultures! Meet different people! Eat delicious food!

But taking a trip with kids can introduce a host of unforeseen (and, let's be real, foreseen) issues that may make the whole traveling thing a little more stressful than an adults-only jaunt might be.

So, is there a life-changing product that's made traveling with your little ones way more easy for you?

Maybe it's an inflatable nursing pillow that fits easily in your purse or bag... on-the-go art set to keep your kids occupied and encourage creativity on long trips...

...or even a portable baby gate that's easy to bring with you on the road.

Tell us about your favorite products for traveling with kids in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!