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23 Of The Coolest Udemy Online Classes On Sale Right Now

It's about time you take a class on that thing you've always wanted to learn, whether it's a new business, hobby, or skill.

In the mood to learn? Maybe consider taking an online course that'll show you the ropes of a new skill, hobby, or career-path. Udemy is an online learning platform that offers more than 100,000 (!) courses on virtually any topic you might possibly be interested in (seriously: from punctuation mastery to dog CPR).

And right now, tons of classes are up to 90% OFF for BuzzFeed readers when you use the promo code SKILLUPSALE!

1. Step up your 'grams with a photography masterclass for beginners through advanced photographers.

2. Become a reiki master...and then gain the knowledge you'll need to build your reiki business.

3. Overcome negative feelings, destructive thought patterns, and bad habits by learning the core concepts of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with this effective NLP Practitioner Certification Course.

4. If you've always dreamed of being a travel writer, this course will give you all the tools you need to write the pieces that readers (and editors) will love.

5. Channel your inner Bob Dylan and learn to play the harmonica in one month with this 30-day challenge class.

6. Learn to code by making games in this game development and design class where you'll learn C# using Unity 5.

7. Discover all the tips and tricks you'll need to someday be the most awesome Airbnb host in your neighborhood.

8. Explore ways to fund your retirement using this investment course on buying and selling bitcoin and altcoins on the cryptocurrency exchange.

9. Learn Japanese with this online beginner course.

10. You'll be drawing simple characters in no time after this Cute Cartoon Characters for Beginners course!

11. Get in on the sourdough-bread-baking trend with this best-selling, informative course that'll be a loaf of fun.

12. Thinking about launching a podcast but no clue where to even start? This course is here to the rescue!

13. Learn to color and paint professional characters for animation, games, comics, and manga with this complete coloring and painting course.

14. Take your love for pups to the next level and explore how to launch your own dog-walking biz.

15. And get a handle on the basics of dog CPR and pet first aid so you'll be prepared to help your furry best friend or clients' in an emergency.

16. Become an adept web developer with this best-selling bootcamp course that covers HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and more.

17. Learn how to create an edible garden with this vegetable gardening course that'll show you how to grow your produce right in your very own backyard.

18. Indulge your inner raver and get a handle on how to mix and master EDM (electronic dance music).

19. Learn how to communicate using American Sign Language, even if you have no prior signing experience.

20. You'll have all the tools at your disposal to grow your business after this 12-courses-in-one digital marketing class focusing on SEO, Facebook, YouTube, social media, Google Analytics, and more.

21. If you're thinking of taking the plunge and adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet, this class on how to eat plant-based whole foods can help set you up for a successful transition.

22. Learn how to draw realistic portraits step-by-step, with this class that covers basic anatomy of the face.

23. And make moves toward your goal of becoming a voice-over actor with this class on recording your voice like a pro and how the industry works.

How you'll feel after taking these classes:

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