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    25 Fantastic Gifts For People Who Love Learning New Things

    The gifts that truly do keep on giving.

    1. A beginner's guide to calligraphy, because no matter how old they are, it's never too late to learn a fun new covetable skill!

    2. A page-a-day word calendar from the editors of the Merriam-Webster dictionaries, so they can learn a new word in every day of 2020.

    3. A Udemy class so they can pick up a new skill or hobby on demand, thanks to courses led by experts in virtually every field under the sun.

    4. A gift box from Mancrates to teach them the art of whiskey making, chili and cornbread making, beer brewing...and so much more.

    5. Uncle John's Old Faithful Bathroom Reader, a book that's perfect for the person training to be the next Jeopardy! contestant.

    6. A stocking-stuffer pack of lined, tabbed sticky dividers to take their note-taking game to new levels of organization.

    7. A scratch-off poster that'll motivate the bibliophile in your life to read 100 iconic books, uncovering artwork under each title they scratch off.

    8. When in Rome, a trivia game powered by Alexa, for the person who loves learning about other cultures but also loves turning everything into a competition.

    9. Or a more traditional trivia game, Linkee, that's suitable for both small and large groups alike.

    10. A collection of the best New York Times Saturday crosswords, for the puzzle fanatic in your life who's always up for a new challenge.

    11. Rosetta Stone, if learning a new language has been on their bucket list for years but they just need a little nudge.

    12. A book full of tips and strategies to learn faster and remember more, for the person whose goal it is to retain every last tidbit of information that crosses their path.

    13. An Adults and Crafts Crate subscription, because learning to create something new is good for the soul — especially when all the materials are delivered right to your doorstep!

    14. A beginner-friendly Simple Elephant productivity planner they can use for planning and goal-setting with regard to every aspect for their life, including their learning or study goals.

    15. A foldable laptop table that'll allow them to set up shop to study comfortably, whether they're in bed or hanging outside.

    16. A white noise machine, so they can read or focus on their studies without the distraction of noisy neighbors, roommates, or construction outside getting in the way.

    17. Learning Crates, a subscription for kiddos that's tailored to their interests and will have them psyched to soak up new info every month.

    18. Or foreign-language blocks for the soon-to-be bilingual (or, hey, multilingual!) baby.

    19. A MasterClass pass, so they can take online classes on pretty much anything they want to learn, hone, or master (without even having to put on any pants).

    20. A make-your-own hot sauce kit, for the person with a love for spice and for learning new tips and tricks in the kitchen.

    21. Or a Foodstirs subscription, if their preferences lean more toward the sweet than the spicy. These boxes will allow them to learn how to make eye-adorable, eye-catching desserts with their kids.

    22. Now I Know, which covers 100 topics and tells the stories behind a whole slew of interesting, obscure facts that any trivia nerd will adore.

    23. Knit-Wise, a subscription to inspire knitters and crocheters of all skill levels to cozy up to a new project each month.

    24. A clip-on book light so they can read to their heart's content no matter where their travels take them (and/or sleeping bedmates be damned).

    25. And a cozy little candle to set the mood for hibernating in bed with books all winter long.

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