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22 Things Middle School Girls Wish Adults Knew About Them

Spoiler alert: They love reading, aren't always texting their friends, and are totally over One Direction.

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Recently, a few middle school–aged girls from the Waverly Project, "an organization with a mission to inspire young women through creativity, culture, writing, and service," dropped by BuzzFeed HQ in New York. We talked with them to find out a few of the things they wish adults knew about girls their age and some misconceptions that their parents have about their generation.


9. We don’t go online just to comment on our friends’ posts or see what celebs are up to.

We're really into games — and want to read more on the internet about them!


12. We’d rather buy our own clothes — from the places we like — than have our parents pick stuff out for us.

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We love putting a bunch of stuff in our online shopping bag, and then our parents pick one or two things to actually get us.


19. We’re annoyed that you have to watch things before we do to make sure they're appropriate for us.

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[Ed. note: We're not quite sure this is a bad thing. Keep being good parents, parents!]

22. Finally, we don’t like how a lot of adults categorize us as either a “bad” kid or a “good” kid.

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We're all good kids, but sometimes we do bad things! We're not perfect, but we're always trying our best.