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22 Things Middle School Girls Wish Adults Knew About Them

Spoiler alert: They love reading, aren't always texting their friends, and are totally over One Direction.

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Recently, a few middle school–aged girls from the Waverly Project, "an organization with a mission to inspire young women through creativity, culture, writing, and service," dropped by BuzzFeed HQ in New York. We talked with them to find out a few of the things they wish adults knew about girls their age and some misconceptions that their parents have about their generation.

Summer Anne Burton
Emmy Favilla

Here's what they had to say!

1. We’re not on our phones all the time.

FX / Via

We get annoyed when we're trying to hang out with friends and all they do is look at their phone too.

2. And when we are, we’re not always texting.

FOX / Via

Other apps exist beyond texting — a lot of the time we're playing games!

3. Our parents think we don’t eat healthy food.

AOL / Via

We actually eat salad every day at school!

4. But we’re onto our parents’ sneaky ways with food.

NBC / Via

Like when our mom says, "Don't eat that" — but then she eats it herself. SMH.

5. We don’t really watch TV!


Most of the things we're watching are on Netflix or YouTube.

6. We’re not the same as our older sibling.

Columbia Records / Via

So please stop comparing us or asking us to be more like them.

7. But we do feel a lot of pressure to do the right thing.

8. We know you’re the tooth fairy — just give it up already.

VH1 / Via

(But please continue to give us money.)

9. We don’t go online just to comment on our friends’ posts or see what celebs are up to.

We're really into games — and want to read more on the internet about them!

10. And even *we* don’t always know all the new abbreviations on social media.

CBS / Via

It took some of us a while to figure out what "CWD" was. (Comment when done.) [Ed. note: Wut?!?]

11. We’re not into One Direction.

Columbia Records / Via

That was, like, third grade.

12. We’d rather buy our own clothes — from the places we like — than have our parents pick stuff out for us.

E! / Via

We love putting a bunch of stuff in our online shopping bag, and then our parents pick one or two things to actually get us.

13. We’re not that girly; we don’t wear dresses all the time.

Def Jam / Via

We don't always want to buy girly clothes.

14. We actually don’t go — or even want to go — shopping often. Only when we need things!

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Our dad has a million new ties and we have like 300 old T-shirts with holes in them.

15. Girls play sports with their dads and like watching sports too.

NBC / Via

And FYI, gymnastics is not a "girly" sport, thank you.

16. Our teachers think school is our *whole* life.

ABC / Via

They don't think we do anything else or have a social life after school!

17. We get confused when our parents tell us to “watch our tone.” What do they even mean by a “tone”?!

Paramount Pictures / Via

Please just tell us why you're mad in plain English?

18. But please don't try to wear our clothes, Mom.

Paramount Pictures / Via

It's embarrassing.

19. We’re annoyed that you have to watch things before we do to make sure they're appropriate for us.

RCA Records Ooh La La / Via

[Ed. note: We're not quite sure this is a bad thing. Keep being good parents, parents!]

20. Our parents don’t believe that we read. WE LOVE READING!

Netflix / Via

21. But we know our parents' book clubs are really just a gossip circle — we're onto you!

Columbia Pictures / Via

22. Finally, we don’t like how a lot of adults categorize us as either a “bad” kid or a “good” kid.

ABC / Via

We're all good kids, but sometimes we do bad things! We're not perfect, but we're always trying our best.

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