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There Are Cat Colonies Living Under The Atlantic City Boardwalk

And they want to say hi to you!

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Next time you visit Atlantic City, take a break from the casinos and take a look at what's under the boardwalk.


There are dozens and dozens of adorable cats hanging out right below your feet!

And sometimes they come up to chill on the boardwalk too.

Some of them are super friendly and love greeting their visitors.

Others prefer to sunbathe and observe you from afar.

Feral cats were trapped, vaccinated, neutered, and returned to their home on the boardwalk.

As a result, the population of kitties who call the Atlantic City boardwalk their home has decreased by more than half, with no new kittens being born in more than a decade. (Yay!)

The cats are fed, given shelter, and provided with medical care when necessary.

...stop by anyway to say hello to these secret beach bums!

#GTLC (gym, tan, laundry, cat)