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    Attention, Students And Travelers: We've Found The Perfect Backpack

    If you've got somewhere to be and a ton of crap to carry, this travel-friendly bag is about to make your life a whole lot easier (and comfier!).

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    Traveling is great and all, but let's be real: Everything leading up to actually arriving at your destination is sort of the worst.

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    From traffic to the airport, to endless security lines, to making sure all of your liquids and gels are in TSA-approved containers, to wondering if you'll be stuck in a middle seat again.

    And let's not even get into commuting — featuring the stress of getting from point A to point B in traffic or crowded train cars without a fun vacation waiting on the other end!

    One thing that'll help to make the travel experience — even if it's just your daily commute to work or school — slightly less awful, though? This sturdy AF SwissGear backpack with more than 5,000(!) five-star reviews.

    Not only does this bag's computer pocket, which uses "ScanSmart lay-flat technology," allow you to breeze through the security line without removing your laptop for a scan, it also has a ton of other convenient AF compartments and features: a super-protective tablet pocket, an accordion file holder, an organizer compartment, internal accessory pockets, side accessory and water bottle pockets, a molded top handle, a webbing daisy chain and carabineer to attach gear, a front quick-access pocket, and ergonomic, padded shoulder straps with reflective accents for extra safety at night.

    It even includes a padded media pocket with headphone cord port — because "I love untangling my headphones and phone charger every time I take them out of my bag!" said no one ever. Plus, it's made with weather-resistant fabric so you can take on any spring showers or winter storm with your head held high.

    Your old backpack is shook.

    Seriously, people seem to adore this thing:

    "I am in love with this backpack and it just arrived today. I've returned a couple backpacks to Amazon in my search for the right one, and this is probably the One. It's very sturdy, with great back padding and a deep air-flow channel, along with mesh backed straps to allow for air flow around your shoulders. The straps are comfortable when wearing the pack, and the seams are flexible and don't cut into my arms. The heather gray fabric is the same water-resistant material you find on good-quality backpacks, though it looks like cotton canvas in the pics. All pockets have large capacity. The side pockets behind the water bottle mesh are a whole 12" deep, and could probably fit a dress shoe on each side, for commuters or travelers. (Update after a few weeks of use: I still love this pack! I have my transit pass tucked into one of the cup holders so I can easily reach it when I get on the train/bus.)" —Carolyn

    "I've only had this backpack for two months but, so far, I'm just as satisfied with this bag as I've been with my last bag. The previous bag I owned was an older model of this bag and it held up for eight years with no flaws. Besides a stain or two, it is in mint condition. I only bought this new bag to accommodate my new laptop. In buying this backpack, know Swiss makes QUALITY bags that will last a long time. Comparatively, this bag seems to be equally well constructed with a few improvements. The handle atop the bag is made with hard inner materials and is attached to the bag very securely, and the outside zippered pouch near the top of the bag is very convenient for small things: a flash drive, keys, headphones, etc." —Seth

    Travelers and students alike are pretty big fans.

    "Great backpack. The main zipper is very heavy duty and should last a decade, at least. It has a spot for a full-sized iPad (not for rubber case though) instead of an extra compartment. What's great about the pouch is it is inset so your iPad will be protected. What is interesting about the laptop pouch is one zipper will open the backpack like a book, but you will still need to open the side zipper to get the laptop. Since the side zipper is accessible from the outside, you can bypass the full zipper and just pull the laptop out from the side. The full zipper is good if you cram your backpack and things are tight. Since I bought mine for travel, I wanted to attach it to my luggage handle. Took 3/4" PVC and cut to about 7". I then took a rounded file and filed two notches on either side near the ends. It works excellent to secure the top of the backpack to the handle." —Kanefire

    "I bought this backpack to replace one I owned for 13 years. I'm going back to school, and thought it might be prudent to have a laptop bag. This pack holds my laptop, all my textbooks, and has a smaller pocket for my pencils, supplies, and graphing calculator. I can even pack away my hoodie in the laptop compartment. It features a clip for hanging my water bottle. It is very comfortable even with a heavy load. I'm a big guy, and getting in and out of it doesn't require me to twist my arm into an unnatural position. I also love the media pouch with the push-through slot for headphones. I took a gamble buying this pack online sight unseen, but I am happy with my purchase. This pack and I will have a long history together." —Videoman

    And, apparently, it's even got gorilla veterinarians covered.

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    "I've had — and still have — many, many backpacks; been buying them since high school, and I buy a new one every few years. I purchased this one in part because it will fit my 17" laptop, but also because I needed something to replace my old and ratty 'day-to-day' backpack for 'urban schlepping.' By and large, this is one very sturdy, spacious and versatile backpack, perhaps the best one I've ever bought.

    Just as a side note, perhaps to illustrate how sturdy this bag is: A few days after getting the backpack, I was watching a 60 Minutes segment on 'Gorilla Doctors,' veterinarians who traipse deep into the jungle to aid gorillas in peril. While in the field attending one anesthetized gorilla who had been snared, they show the vets unpacking their gear and medicines and whatnot...and the lead vet had what appeared to be this exact backpack. So, if jungle docs have confidence in this bag...go for it." —Michael McGrady

    Is this bag, perhaps, literally the epitome of perfection?

    "This bag is literally the epitome of perfection. It's good for all conditions of weather (rain, snow, etc.), it's extremely durable, and it has more than enough space for anything. Being a high schooler, I unfortunately have to carry 3-inch-thick (yes, I measured the thickness of my books) textbooks around with me all day. This also includes, my lunch, gym clothes, four binders, and 13-inch laptop. My old backpack was reduced to trash due to this. However, this backpack treats that challenge like it's nothing — it has more than enough space.

    The bag has tons (and I mean TONS) OF extra pockets hidden around for little things such as cellphones, house/car keys, ear buds, and more. What I like even more is the fact that the main compartment zips down to three-quarters of the backpack. This comes in handy if someone is going to the airport and needs to show the security all the electronics through a metal detector or something. And as an added bonus, Swiss gear gives the owner a great warranty for the bag. This comes with every purchase of the bag made (you don't have to purchase it additionally)." —Nick Machaud

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    Travelers, students, urban commuters, gorilla doctors who love being organized and comfortable, let's face it: It appears there is no better backpack on the market suited to your lifestyle.

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in seven colors).

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