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    8 Game-Changing Things For Your Home Worth Spending Money On

    Here's what BuzzFeed editors are loving this month.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A simple and elegant baker's rack to save your small kitchen from storage woes.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFee

    My New York City apartment has little closet space and even less kitchen space. While I’m thankful to have a kitchen at all (some apartments I looked at only had a stand-alone stove), the four tiny cabinets provided are not enough to store my massive collection of kitchen gadgets. Despite my valiant efforts, I failed to fit 50 dishes, a dozen pans, a rice cooker, a coffee grinder, and a blender into the allotted space, so I gave up and went on Amazon in search of storage options. At first, I was interested in a kitchen cart or even a small island, but I quickly realized that my narrow kitchen wouldn’t be able to accommodate either one. I also wanted something a bit taller that provided at least two levels of shelving. Finally, I came across this Whitmore baker’s rack. It has four shelves (though one is technically the counter) and hooks for cups and pans.

    At under $60, I thought it was a steal. I ordered it, hoping the “no-tools assembly” would be as easy as it sounded. It was! I got it up in around 15 to 20 minutes. But more importantly, it feels really sturdy and well made — no rattling or shaking. It comes with wheels, but I don't use them. I put it in the corner of my hallway, and it’s low-profile enough that it doesn’t feel oppressive. This thing honestly saved my kitchen from becoming a chaotic mess. Even with a bunch of stuff loaded on it, it looks organized and cozy. Now I’ll actually have enough space for a few more kitchen gadgets on my wishlist (I know, I’m extra) if you have a small apartment and/or kitchen like me, definitely look into this baker’s rack! —Yi Yang

    Get it from Amazon for $56.09.

    2. A shelf that's almost as cute as all the knickknacks you'll keep on it.

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed

    In a small apartment, this shelf helps me feel like my space is really mine. I love collecting souvenirs and trinkets, and all my odds and ends make my home feel infused with my personality. Having something that doesn't take up too much space but that still fits all my stuff and allows it to be seen is key. Plus, this wall-mounted shelf looks really sharp on its own. I don't have a ton of wall decor in my room, but thanks to this shelf I don't feel like I need it.

    I use it to hold a whimsical array of books, collectibles, and pictures (yes, that is a Remus Lupin Funko Pop! on the second level). There's a nice amount of space between each shelf, which gives me plenty of options. I'm not gonna lie and say that putting it up on the wall was easy, but hanging large things never is. Now that it's up, though, I'm never taking it down — it actually makes my collection of random stuff look chic! —Katy Herman

    Available in white, black, and charcoal. Get it from PBteen for $109+.

    3. A minimalist photo bar for the perfect low-commitment way to display your pics.

    Jessie Gaynor / BuzzFeed

    In high school, two of my walls were fully plastered with pictures of my friends and me. Though I've moved on from the One Hour Photo approach to decor, I still love to display pictures. Because I'm generally too cheap 'n' lazy to buy frames — and I have no spacial awareness, so chances are high that when I do buy one, it will be the wrong size — this magnetic photo bar is one of my favorite-ever home purchases. It's a delicate magnetic bar that hangs on a very thin (but still sturdy! Mine has been hanging without issue for three years) cord. The cord is so thin, in fact, that the bar appears to be floating, which is very cool and witchy. They also send you a copper nail on which to hang it and six little magnets you'll use to affix your photos to the bar. You can swap out pictures easily, which is very handy for breakups (among other things)!

    I'm an aspirational minimalist, but a maximalist at heart, and this little beauty ticks both boxes. You can fit a ton of photos on it — those little magnets are surprisingly powerful — and create the grown-up version of the ostentatious high school photo collage, or keep it simple with a few tasteful postcards or prints. It's also perfect for odd-sized pictures. As you can see, mine is a repository of photo-booth strips. If you're looking for an easy, beautiful, and unexpected way to display photos, I highly recommend getting yourself one of these. —Jessie Gaynor

    Get it from Food52 for $34.

    4. An aroma diffuser and ambient light that'll turn your Gloom Room into a Zen Den.

    Colin Gorenstein / BuzzFeed

    Do you ever walk into a Muji store just to clear your mind? Same. When you live in New York City, you begin to really cherish any peaceful space you can find. And by peaceful, I mainly mean: spaces where you cannot hear the sound of mice, cockroaches, or Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

    This is why, on particularly chaotic days I'd find myself strolling the tidy aisles of the Japanese household goods store without a purchase in mind, just to feel some semblance of order in my life. Good news: It worked! Though, the major revelation came with realizing that I could replicate the Muji Experience right at home by purchasing a crucial atmospheric component: the light-up aroma diffuser. To walk through Muji is to walk through a cloud of lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, and yuzu oils. There isn’t a Muji without it. Adding a light-up aroma diffuser to my nightstand setup — and purchasing some oils for rotation — has completed the transformation from Gloom Room to Zen Den.

    Certainly, you will be able to find plenty of cheaper aroma diffusers on the market. However, you won’t find one that checks all the same boxes: The Muji diffuser offers a minimalist, unfussy design (surprisingly difficult to find), functions perfectly for your desk at work, doubles as an effective mood light (which, for a room with harsh, medicine-cabinet-like light like mine has been a godsend), and has an auto-timer so that it will shut off on its own if you fall asleep. (Your choice of 180-, 120-, 60-, or 30-minute sessions.) And if you're looking for something a bit more heavy-duty? Just upgrade to the larger size.

    My essential oil recommendation: lavender or "love," a blend of lavender and rosemary. Also, if you ever visit the aroma lab at the flagship location in Manhattan, let an expert help you out. (Did you know that mixing all of your favorite scents together does not equal a good smell?) —Colin Gorenstein

    Get it from Amazon for $54.90 or with essential oil for $84.

    5. A small one-door cabinet you can conveniently (and adorably) store bath linens in.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    Storage of my bath towels has always been a bit of an afterthought. I've lived my whole life in New York City, so suffice it to say that a dedicated space in my actual bathroom just for extra towels has always been but a laughable, distant dream. (And I hate the idea of not-in-use towels sitting out in the open, collecting dust.) Depending on my apartment layout at the time and distance of storage space to the bathroom, clean towels have been stored everywhere from my clothing closet to cabinets above the kitchen sink. Which is fine, until you're one foot into the tub and realize you forgot to hang a clean towel on your bathroom hook.

    It had never occurred to me that I could make things easier on myself by just storing my damn towels in the bathroom, until I laid eyes on this impossibly quaint one-door cabinet from Target. It's the perfect size for storing multiple towel sets, it has an adjustable shelf, and its glass door keeps everything inside dust-free. It also comes in eight colors, so it's easy to match with whatever color scheme you've got going on. Now I never have to traipse into another room to grab a fresh towel *and* I have a useful little piece of furniture that makes my bathroom look cuter!

    And if your bathroom is too cramped to fit even this small cabinet, it's still a charming storage option to keep your towels or linens separate from other stuff if you've got room to place it in a closet or a corner of your bedroom. TBH, it's so friggin adorable that you should really find an excuse to store anything at all in it. —Emmy Favilla

    Get it from Target for $80.99 (available in eight colors).

    6. A no-frills bed frame that's as sturdy and portable as it is affordable.

    Francine Hendrickson / BuzzFeed

    I am a human who has never owned a bed frame as an adult. So when I found myself in need of one for my new place, I wasn't quite sure where to start, though I knew I didn't want to deal with a box spring, headboard, and all that other nonsense. My requirements for a frame were as follows: It had to be light, made of metal, not difficult to assemble or move around, and ideally have some space underneath for storage. I strive to make my bed the best place to be in my apartment, so the pressure to find the perfect frame was on. I have a full-sized memory-foam mattress with a mattress pad, so it's cozy AF, but also pretty heavy. I decided to take my chances on a lightweight, metal platform bed frame from Amazon; the reviews were full of people who slapped a memory foam mattress on there no problem.

    This frame did not let me down. It came folded up and was super easy to assemble, and it has protectors over the metal so it doesn’t scratch my wood floor. There's plenty of room for storage underneath, which I'm not even using to full capacity yet, because I plan on lifting the frame up a bit more with some blocks so I can fit a few storage bins underneath. For now, my dog loves going under the bed as her safe place during thunderstorms, and I love that this frame is nice and secure for my mattress. Now that I am rearranging and moving my bed into another room, I was able to fold the frame up into a lil’ triangle to fit through the doorway with no issue. It’s light enough that I can move it around by myself, despite being a small waif. I would recommend this frame to anyone who is in need of an inexpensive, practical, lightweight bed frame with storage capacity, especially if you have a memory-foam mattress — it works really well for it. —Francine Hendrickson

    Get it from Amazon for $52.32 (twin) through $107.36 (California king).

    7. A doormat that does double-duty by serving as a handy checklist.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    This is one of those novelty items that I’ve had on my wishlist forever and finally decided to treat myself to. I’m a pretty forgetful person; a lot of times I’ll be out the door before I realize that I’ve left my phone or wallet at home. To remedy this, I’ve even tried taping a sheet of paper that says “keys, phone, wallet” onto my door — but it wasn’t very attractive, and it kept falling off. It was pretty rainy in New York over the last few months, and I realized that I actually needed a doormat to wipe my shoes on, which would also come in handy when it starts snowing. So I figured I’d hit two birds with one stone by ordering this doormat.

    I didn’t expect much — I knew it wasn't supposed to be of heavy-duty quality — but I actually ended up loving it. First off, it really does help me remember to bring my essentials because I always read it when I’m putting on my shoes. Secondly, at 2 x 3 feet, it’s a perfectly sized doormat. I put it right in my doorway and it covers the entire area, so I don’t have awkward gaps. It’s pretty thin and lightweight, which is great for me because I prefer to keep my doormats inside and have them be relatively flush with the floor. I’ve gotten several compliments from houseguests already, and I’m expecting more as people come over for the holidays. Overall, this is a fun purchase that brings a smile to my face as I’m leaving the apartment — money well spent! —Yi Yang

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99.

    8. A seriously effective plant-based cleaning spray for getting out all the gunk without the use of harsh chemicals.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    I love this multi-surface cleaning spray so much! It’s literally the best. Like, if I ever had to evacuate my house I’d save my dog, my fiancé, and this cleaning spray. It’s super powerful but doesn’t have harsh chemicals, and it gets deep down into crevices to remove any buildup — making it safe just in case my pupper decides to lick the floor (which isn’t so much an if but more like a when).

    I find it works best to get any grossness that wants to manifest itself in my shower; I just spray it like there’s no tomorrow, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it away with a wet sponge. BAM! My tub is sparkling like new. It’s seriously amazing. A lot of times with organic cleaning supplies you don’t get the same punch you would with the harsh stuff, sacrificing strength for not being poisoned in your own home. With this stuff you don’t have to sacrifice anything — except the lives of the gritty grime invading your space. —Elena Garcia

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $14.22.

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