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    9 Life-Changing Things To Mask The Presence Of Pets In Your Home

    I got 99 problems but dander ain't one.

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    Hi, I live in a 900-square-foot apartment and these are my four roommates:

    1. The Furminator (for cats and dogs AND small animals), a de-shedding tool that will leave you both shocked and disgusted at how much fur your pet is capable of shedding without going completely bald.

    2. The Pet House Candle, a nontoxic, all-natural, soy-based candle that will legit will make your home smell like a blissful spa.

    3. A trusty ol' lint roller that's extra sticky and extra awesome at picking up hair from literally everything you wear and own.

    4. An all-natural, nontoxic, concentrated all-purpose cleaner that'll last you until the apocalypse.

    5. This quiet Electrolux vacuum with near-magic capabilities, for ridding every corner, crevice, and piece of furniture of pet hair (and also hay and litter and food).

    Here's a before, during, and after of this vacuum doin' its thing on a gross spot on my daybed where my cat loves to sleep (and thus deposit obscene amounts of fur).

    6. A urine stain and odor eliminator that works on carpets, upholstery, mattresses, pet beds, and more — because sometimes your pets can be real (lovable) jerks.

    7. A covered litter box plus litter mat combo, which traps odor as well as excess litter, hair, and even (because it happens) poop.

    8. And a litter deodorizer spray for use in between full litter-box cleanings.

    9. An air purifier, to reduce the amount of pet dander and dust — and other icky things like mold and pollen — in the air.

    May your home forever be fresh and your pets forever happy!