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24 Products That’ll Help You Make Some Much-Needed Changes This Year

Let's do this, 2020.

1. A beginner-friendly Simple Elephant productivity planner you can use for planning and goal-setting — come for the stickers, stay for achieving your dreams.

2. A Udemy class so you can pick up a new skill or hobby on demand, thanks to courses led by experts in virtually every field under the sun.

3. An insulated tumbler with multicolored bands designed to help you keep track of your water intake — all aboard the vessel to hydration station!

4. A white noise machine, so you can sleep — or focus — better without the distraction of noisy neighbors, roommates, or construction outside getting in the way.

5. Packing cubes that'll help you feel so much more organized on your next trip — no more ripping everything out of your luggage just to find that one pair of socks!

6. A countertop compost bin so you can put all your food scraps to good, environmentally-conscious use.

7. A bidet attachment, because nothing says "new year, new me" like hygienic post-toilet-use habits!

8. A personal blender with a handy to-go bottle that can help you up your daily dose of fruits, veggies, and other wholesome foods in an easy-to-tote smoothie.

9. Blackout curtains available in a variety of colors that'll basically tell every sunny day, "Come at me, bro" — so you can finally get some extra shut-eye this year.

10. A clip-on book light that'll inspire you to read more, no matter where your travels take you (sleeping bedmates be damned).

11. A shoe organizer, so you can finally get your closet clutter under control and put all that vertical space to good use.

12. You Are a Badass, a best-selling book that might provide the kick start you need to reach your goals and improve your mindset this year!

13. A MakeupEraser cloth so you can take off all your makeup without wasting disposable cloths or ruining your washcloths. Win all around!

14. A Fitbit heart rate and fitness tracker to help you stick to your fitness, activity, and sleep goals.

15. A set of eco-friendly, tablet-based Blueland household cleaners that'll put you on the fast track to eliminating single-use plastic.

16. A page-a-day word calendar from the editors of the Merriam-Webster dictionaries, so you can learn a new word every day of the year.

17. The FrogLog, a critter-saving ramp to place in your pool to save frogs, rabbits, chipmunks, and more from drowning on your premises. Three cheers for saving lives in 2020!

18. A memory-foam cushion that every part of your body will thank you for this year.

19. A seriously genius doggie doorbell so you can train your pup to communicate when they need to go outside to do their business and when they want to come back inside — no more accidents or scratching at the door (hopefully)!

20. Blue-light-blocking glasses that'll give your peepers some much-needed relief (especially if you get frequent headaches) when staring at screens.

21. A Quip toothbrush subscription, so you don't even have to think about staying on top of buying new toothbrushes or brush heads — they're delivered straight to your door.

22. A cascading wall organizer to finally help you get your home, office, or classroom in order.

23. Some mesh produce bags that'll make your days of wasting plastic at the grocery store something of the past.

24. And a Book of the Month Club subscription so you'll have a fantastic new book delivered to your door each month. Bring it on, lofty reading goals!

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.