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    5 Cute Subscription Boxes Your Quirky BFF Will Probably Love

    Or pretty much anyone else who'll love getting a package of surprise goods delivered to their doorstop, TBH.

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    Subscription boxes are, quite frankly, the best.

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    There's the element of surprise, of course, that makes them just plain fun to receive. And as a gifter, there's also the pressure that's been lifted from your shoulders to curate the perfect assemblage of gifts: You need only select a themed box that best fits the giftee's interests, and the rest of work is done for you!

    Without further ado, here's a look at some of the best subscriptions that would make great gifts for your BFF — or really anyone else in your life who'd love a package of cute, useful, and kinda quirky goods regularly sent to their doorstep.

    Hygge Box, for the person who loves adorable home goods and snacks that'll make them feel cozy AF.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A collection of goods intended to inspire feelings of hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah"), a Danish word to describe a sense of warm and cozy happiness. A standard box includes four to six seasonal products, while a deluxe box also includes four to six seasonal products, but ones that are both full-sized and of high value. My deluxe box included:

    • A lavender sachet (which made the whole box delightfully smell like lavender)

    • A lavender and rosemary candle

    • "Forest Friends" mini matchbox

    • Dark chocolate–coated ginger cookies

    • Hot chocolate

    • A “Smart Animal” journal

    • Graphite wooden tree pencils (great for sketching and writing but also for display, because just look at 'em)

    • Paloma little bird DIY felt kit

    Why it's awesome: The boxes always include a mix of edible and nonedible goods, and each one will also contain an "element of light" (e.g., the candle that came in my box). The products really, truly come through on their promise of creating a hygge vibe. And honestly, who wouldn't want a journal with a dachshund in a hat and wearing glasses on the cover?

    Price: $28/month for a standard box or $39.95/month for a deluxe box.

    Get it here.

    Quirky Crate, for anyone who's not quite ready to commit to full-time adulting and loves to surround themselves with colorful stuff.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A box of bright, playful goods that would make even the Grinch himself instantly crack a smile. Each box includes an enamel pin from a featured artist as well as a fun pair of socks. The "Quirky Post" includes three items and the "Quirky Crate" includes six to nine. My Quirky Crate included:

    • A Bentoy '80s-esque transparent "heart breaker" purse/fanny pack

    • Dinosaur socks

    • Unicorn tweezers

    • A Bentoy wallet with a cool dog wearing glasses and a hat

    • A "cold pizza club" patch

    • A Ted + Kip unicorn enamel pin

    • Sanrio Gudetama stickers

    Why it's awesome: It's sort of like a Sanrio store in box form — perfect for the ever-so-slightly-grown-up Hello Kitty fan. Also, a new pair of socks each month FTW! When signing up for a subscription, Quirky Crate also asks for the age of the recipient, to ensure all items in the box are age-appropriate.

    Price: $12.95/month for the Quirky Post or $34.99/month for the Quirky Crate.

    Get it here.

    Betty Boomerang, for the friend who's a sucker for vintage-inspired decor.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A bimonthly subscription box with themed retro-style and mid-century design products for the home. The mini version typically includes two items, and the main box includes four or five themed items and more exclusives. My "Breeze Block Party"–themed Betty Boomerang box included:

    • Two cups

    • Four drink strirrers

    • Four coasters

    • Four mini breeze blocks

    • A small print

    Why it's awesome: Featuring stuff like glasses and cocktail products, it makes a great gift for anyone who loves to entertain, as well as anyone with retro-chic sensibilities.

    Price: $29.95 every two months for the Mini Betty Boomerang; $49 every two months for the full-sized Betty Boomerang.

    Get it here.

    Love Goodly, for your eco-conscious (and maybe vegan) BFF who loves beauty and wellness products.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A bimonthly subscription box full of vegan and nontoxic beauty, skincare, eco-lifestyle and wellness products. The regular box includes four to five full-sized beauty items with a total retail value of at least $75, and the VIP box adds an additional full-sized product with a value of at least $40. My regular box included:

    • Mr B’s Necessities calming/sleep aromatherapy oil

    • Moondani natural breath mist (with ginger extract, cardamom oil and fennel oil)

    • Belle Pierre blush in Autumn Blush, self-described as a “universally flattering color”

    • A super-soft, cruelty-free blush brush

    • Mindful Skincare Nourishing Blueberry face mask (for replenishing skin, with vitamins B3, B5, C, and E)

    Why it's awesome: It's similar to a Birchbox subscription, except everything is full-sized and guaranteed vegan! (The aromatherapy oil was my favorite — I've been rolling it on my wrists before bed each night and I can genuinely say it has helped me achieve a more ~relaxed~ state after staring at various screens and managing email all day.) Love Goodly also supports a bunch of fantastic causes for animals and humans alike, including Farm Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project, and Cure Cervical Cancer.

    Price: $29.95 every two months for a regular bimonthly subscription or $47.95 every two months for a VIP bimonthly subscription. (Use code LOVEBUZZ at checkout for $10 off first box for first-time subscribers; expires Dec. 31, 2017.)

    Get it here.

    The Apollo Surprise Box, for the friend whose tastes you know well and who adores unconventional items that are actually useful.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    What it is: A monthly or quarterly subscription box of goods tailored to the recipient's tastes; choose from either a $30 or $50 box, each filled with products at up to 40% less than their retail value. The boxes feature novel, creatively designed popular products, including a complimentary augmented-reality card (an interactive card to give to someone for a ~unique~ customized experience). My $30 Apollo SurpriseBox included:

    A little cat nightlight

    Elodie unicorn salt-and-pepper shakers

    A skull planter

    A magic birthday card

    Why it's awesome: It's super personalized. When you sign up for a subscription, you'll be asked to fill out a form noting product-category preferences (e.g., terrarium and garden, kitchen, outdoors, pet products, among others) and favorite styles (e.g., cute, minimalist, punk, rustic, etc.). You can also choose what time of month you'd like it delivered.

    Price: $30/month or quarter for product(s) up to $50 value; $50/mont or quarter for product(s) up to $80 value.

    Get it here.

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    Subscription box samples were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge but we were not obligated to positively review them.

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