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How Old-School Internet Are You?

Find out how internet you were before everyone else was internet.

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  1. 1. Did you ever...

    have a LiveJournal?
    have a LiveJournal that required a code for access (before free access was made public)?
    update your "current mood" on LiveJournal?
    have a DeadJournal (so goth!)?
    have a Blurty, pre-LiveJournal?
    have a Make Out Club profile?
    refer to Make Out Club as MOC?
    have a personalized AIM away message?
    have a personalized AIM away message in Comic Sans?
    use AOL?
    use Prodigy?
    use CompuServe?
    hang out in AOL/Prodigy/CompuServe chatrooms?
    personalize the font and background color of your AOL profile?
    stalk your crush's AOL profile?
    have "xXx" or "xX" on either side of your screen name?
    IM with SmarterChild?
    download mp3s on Audiogalaxy?
    download mp3s on Napster?
    download mp3s on Limewire?
    freak out that you were going to get arrested for downloading music on said sites?
    burn CDs for your friends/crushes?
    use the term "CD-ROM"?
    get confused about the difference between a CD-R and CD-ROM?
    have an email?
    have a Hotmail email?
    use Netscape Navigator?
    use Internet Explorer as your default browser?
    hang out on IRC?
    have a GeoCities site?
    have a Tripod site?
    have an AngelFire site?
    have a dial-up modem?
    fly into a rage when your parents picked up the phone while you were online?
    know who Julia Allison is?
    use Yahoo, Lycos, Dogpile, or AltaVista as your default search engine?
    use AskJeeves?
    rate randos on
    make blingees?
    download from Kazaa?
    download illegal software/porn via Warez?
    have an AOL Hometown page?
    refer to AOL as AOHell?
    get excited about the AOL CD arriving in the mail?
    hack your way into extending free hours of AOL beyond the trial period?
    watch videos on Ebaumsworld?
    add a counter to your personal website?
    have a flash intro on your personal website?
    know how to code tables in HTML?
    use a < blink > tag?
    hang out on BBSs?
    meet people IRL on BBSs?
    have an online guestbook?
    write in someone's online guestbook?
    own a webcam?
    send a chain letter email?
    share Jonah Peretti's Nike Sweatshop email?
    make quizzes on Quizilla for your friends?
    use Myspace when it was MySpace?
    have a ~super kewl~ song playing on your MySpace page?
    customize your MySpace profile to have more (or less) than a top 8?
    use Friendster?
    stalk your crush's MySpace or Friendster page?
    get completely freaked out when you thought other people could tell how often you visited their MySpace or Friendster page?
    write a "testimonial" for someone?
    have a diary on Diaryland?
    read Homestar Runner?
    take care of a Neopet?
    have a Xanga account?
    join a webring?

How Old-School Internet Are You?

You're an internet n00b! But that doesn't mean you aren't a sophisticated consumer of online culture. You can honestly consider yourself lucky that you've never had to type the phrase “A/S/L” to find love, or struggled with the cruel hierarchy of the MySpace top 8. And if none of this means anything to you, just be thankful you live in a time of Wi-Fi and Netflix.

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You're an internet veteran! You’ve been around the cyberspace block, done the hamster dance, and crafted the perfect AIM away message. Those minutes of your life you spent reorganizing your MySpace top 8 you’ll never get back, but at least you can say that you truly experienced the web during its formative years.

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You're an internet O.G.! You've seen it all: Friendster testimonials, LiveJournal crushes, disappointingly low-quality mp3s, and HTML tags up the wazoo. Though you often wax nostalgic for URLs that start with www1 and the suspense of hourlong downloads, deep down, you couldn't be happier that we've all made it to a much better place on the World Wide Web.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed
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