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    Attention, Bearded People: You Need This Beard Balm Immediately

    All beards are great, but beards with this beard balm are even better!

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    I'm a sucker for a good beard. And as a non-bearded person, I respect the time and effort that goes into maintaining well-groomed facial hair.

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    So when I heard about this customer-favorite beard balm, I thought I'd do the beards of the world a service and let them know all about the wonders it can bestow upon them.

    If you haven't heard of Honest Amish Beard Balm, it's basically a leave-in conditioner for your facial hair that's made with all-natural and organic vegan ingredients β€”Β including argan, avocado, almond, pumpkin seed, and apricot kernel oils, fruit and nut butters, and hair-enhancing essential oils β€” and smells a bit like black licorice. Yum.

    More than 5,000 bearded humans love this stuff β€” and we can see why!,

    "I have oily, acne-prone skin and just switching to this stuff from beard oil made a huge difference in my complexion and in my beard. If you have acne-prone skin, growing a beard will make your face produce more oil, because it tries to hydrate the beard hairs (or at least that's what I read, and it makes sense). It smells good, it hydrates my beard without leaving my skin feeling oily or greasy. A small amount goes a long way. Just comb it in and go on with your day." β€”Jon A

    "I originally purchased this for purposes of beardism. The product worked wonders and improved my bearditude. After I decided to cut it for summer I found myself one day without shave gel so I used this instead. This is by far the greatest shaving experience I have ever had and that includes professional ones. Market this as a shave tool ASAP. My face feels like butter-soaked calfskin leather. You know damn well you can imagine how luxurious that feels. The fact you need a shirt button size drop to get the job done is a score. Buy it." β€”Michael Gomez

    Many reviewers attest to this balm's stellar ability to soften and hydrate their beard...,

    "This balm has a soft smooth creamy texture that your hair will soak up. The hold comes from the shea and cocoa butter, which leave no build p. Most common balms use beeswax, which provides hold but can lead to product buildup, aka poofy, frizzy bad beard days. Shea butter along with the other oils provide amazing conditioning effects. Amazing product. Leaves beard silky and natural-looking. Apply when beard is damp then blow-dry. I have a long thick beard and just makes it look smooth silky and natural." β€”rd

    "This stuff is freaking fantastic. Love it!!! Really hydrating. I used it on a intensely rough and dry beard and it did wonders along with conditioning my beard in the shower. I have also used it on my hair and face and skin and it does wonders. Note that if you carry it in your pocket of somewhere hot it will melt and move around but just mix it back up and it is fine." β€”C-Rad well as bring out the color of their facial hair...,

    "Easy to use. Keeps my beard manageable and brings out a deeper color." β€”Ernest A. O'Brien

    "Totally recommended to anyone with facial hair, whether it be a full beard or a mustache. This stuff really does a fantastic job of conditioning my beard. It feels so soft, and it really brings out the color in my beard and leaves it looking vibrant and healthy. The anise (think black licorice) scent took some getting used to, but I don't mind it too much now, and would probably buy it over the non scented version that's also available. Another great thing is that a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I'm not even half way through my tin. This will definitely be a staple for my beard care from here on out. Bonus points for being a vegan-friendly product!" β€”AS

    "I dye my beard about once a week and it used to be very dry and hair sticks out while growing and loses the dyed color in a few days. I've been using this stuff for a week now and it's a huge difference β€” my beard looks and feels softer, shiny, and healthy, and also the gray color didn't come back as quick like before. I use it twice a day in the morning and the evening, and my wife noticed the difference and she likes it." β€”Rafael

    ...and help manage dry skin and "beardruff.",

    "I suffer from very dry skin under my thick beard. I use this in conjunction with beard oil and it does wonders to treat my dry skin and the flakes that come from it. Always leaves my beard moisturized and looking good. Highly recommend to any guys out there that suffer from dry skin due to their thick beard." β€”Jtruzman

    "I've been using the Honest Amish Beard Balm and oil for maybe five days now and I've never seen results like this! My beardruff is almost completely gone and my beard is very soft and manageable. I've finally found the product for my beard! I won't be going anywhere else, honestly the results from their product is beyond comparison, and it's all 100% all natural!" β€”Christopher V

    "I bought it for two main purposes: To tame the rogue hairs, and help soften my beard. In two weeks, I can truthfully say this stuff works well. I have curly beard hair, which creates a mess of crazy hairs! This balm allows me to tame my beard and keep the hairs running in one direction. Keep in mind it's not a miracle worker; it won't make curly hair straight. However it has enough strength to keep them from sticking up and out! It also does a good job 'softening' your beard. Beard hair is very coarse. Prior to this, I had the dreaded 'beardruff' going. It hurt to scrub my beard with shampoo as I tried to cure that problem. But after two weeks of this balm, my hair is much softer to the touch. It absolutely moisturizes and keeps the hair looking and feeling healthy! My beard doesn't hurt to rub anymore. And the beardruff is no longer there. The balm gives a nice sheen/shine to your beard also, which makes it look healthier to the naked eye." β€”Benjamin

    They also mention that a little goes a long way (and that people have used it on split ends too!). Here are two more handsome bonus beards.,

    "This is the best stuff on earth. It's heavy until your beard dries. Mine is like a toilet brush after a shower. This is the best softener/controller. It'll last most of the day. If I went out again after dinner I'd reapply, just less. I have a thick shrub of 4-inch beard, and I'd be willing to try some wax next, for more hold. This smells citrusy and mild, the wife and daughter love the scent. It'll add a little shine to a clean beard, in the sun. It really is transformative. You can go longer between trims and touch-ups because it moistens everything, which keeps errant, kinky guys from stickin' out all over. You'll be able to determine the volume of beard you wanna keep when you trim because it builds body and helps you figure out where you're due to thin out or taper. Just a bloody brilliant product!✊️✊️" β€”Tim Dhillon

    "Does it help with the dreaded beard itch? Yes, and boy was I glad that it did. Does it help with the dreaded beardruff? Yes, my skin is regularly flaky with beards and this took care of that too. Does a little go a long way? Yes, so don't be put off by what seems to be a small tin. My wife, for whatever reason, started using this on the ends of her hair. She's been doing it for months now and swears by it. So, I asked her why she likes it so much. She said that it keeps her ends moisturized and it has helped to eliminate split ends. She said she also thinks it would have useful application in controlling fly-aways while braiding. I'm pretty sure I have very little idea what that means." β€”MF48

    TL;DR: This stuff werks. Treat your beard (or the beard of a loved one) to this balm, stat! Get it from Amazon for $12.87.

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