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20 Halloween Costumes And Supplies You Can Get On Sale On Groupon

Because Halloween doesn't have to be scary for your wallet, too.

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πŸŽƒThat's right: Groupon isn't just for discounted services, getaways, and experiences!πŸŽƒ

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There's an entire section of goods just waiting to be snatched up at a fraction of their regular retail price β€” including a Halloween shop with costumes, seasonal decorations, and more. Here's a peek at what they have to offer:

2. ...and a matching one for your pup.

Available in Wonder Woman, Superman, Super Girl, or Batman, and in sizes S–XL. Get it for $14.99.


5. An array of impossibly adorable infant and toddler costumes, so you can have the cutest caterpillar, goldfish, or pumpkin in town.,,

Get the caterpillar costume (6–9 months) for $33.99, the goldfish costume (12–18 months) for $51.99, and the pumpkin costume (18–24 months) for $28.99.


11. A costume that'll transform your kid into a bona fide Disney Princess.

Choose from Tiana, Aurora, Mulan, Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White, or Rapunzel. Get it for $16.99.


16. Yard inflatables for the house that goes all out with a spooktactular wonderland.

Available in ghost tree, haunted house, Frankenstein, skeleton on carriage, and grave scene. Get them starting at $75.99.


19. And when all else fails: the laziest costume of all.,

Available in sizes S–2XL. Get the shirt on the left (available in 12 styles) for $14.99 and the maternity shirt on the right (available in five styles) for $13.99.

20. pair with your skull-print sweatpants, because listen, everyone knows costumes just aren't your thing but you still want to be festive, okay?

Available in burgundy, black, charcoal, green, gray, and navy in sizes S–XL. Get a pair for $11.99.