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    21 Gifts For Your One Friend Who's Keto And Won't Shut Up About It

    No carbs? No problem.

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    1. A pun-tastic pot holder they can use while they whip up some keto-friendly meals at home.

    2. This no-sugar-added keto fudge brownie mix so yummy, it must have been created using witchcraft and witchcraft alone.

    3. A mug fit for royalty — keto royalty, of course.

    4. A subscription to The Keto Box so they don't get bored of eating the same ol' snacks every week.

    5. A cute and colorful keto macro tracking journal that'll help them stick to their nutrition goals.

    6. A Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, so they can prepare their eggs just the way they like 'em, all the time.

    7. A handy magnetic keto cheat sheet they can stick to their fridge to get nutrition info at a glance.

    8. Cauliflower crust that acts as the perfect stocking stuffer and gives them the gift of being able to ~stuff~ themselves with delicious pizza.

    9. And the most adorable pizza cutter you ever did see to go along with it.

    10. A "keto food pyramid" print that'll let guests know they're all about that keto lifestyle.

    11. The Keto Guido Cookbook, for anyone who's been particularly inspired by the Jersey Shore star's commitment to the keto life (or just wants a really easy-to-follow cookbook, either way).

    12. Or a cookbook for the person who's also plant-based, because it's not just about bacon and cheese — vegans can be keto too!

    13. A cult-favorite Instant Pot, to conveniently service all their low-carb needs — from proteins to veggies.

    14. A portable ketone meter that'll make it super easy for them to monitor if they're in ketosis.

    15. Mini chocolate chip cookies that even Cookie Monster himself wouldn't believe are keto-friendly.

    16. An Italian cheesemaking kit for the person who loves getting adventurous in the kitchen — as long as it's keto.

    17. A cute tee that poses the one question they're always asking.

    18. A Lodge seasoned cast-iron grill pan, so they can prepare delicious meals indoors, on the grill, or over a campfire.

    19. A quirky bracelet with their personal mantra that'll make a great conversation starter.

    20. A big ol' bag of jerky — because honestly, what meat-eater wouldn't want to find a big ol' bag of jerky under the tree?

    21. And a fun, uplifting piece of wall art that will speak to their soul.

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