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    28 Gifts For The Person Who Travels So Much You Can't Keep Track Of Them

    Maybe you can't afford to buy them a first-class flight, but you can still be a first-class gift-giver with these thoughtful ideas.

    1. A scratch-off world map so they can keep a record of all the places they've visited in the form of a fun piece of wall art.

    2. An adorable passport holder to keep their important documents safe and organized.

    3. Or take it to the next level with a personalized passport holder that'll make them smile as they alpaca their bags.

    4. A handy tech-accessories organizer, so they don't have to fumble through a mess of tangled cords and chargers next time they're looking for something in their bag.

    5. A My Bucket List journal full of prompts for all the things they want to do and places they want to go — interspersed with some inspirational quotes — that they'll love bringing along on all their adventures.

    6. A comfy travel pillow with serious support they'll wonder how in the heck their neck ever lived without.

    7. A set of double-sided travel makeup brushes that will make them think of you every time they save space packing 'em in their luggage.

    8. A Book of the Month Club subscription so they'll never be without a fantastic new beach read (or plane read, or hotel read).

    9. A sleek travel mug that'll keep their warm beverages warm and their cold drinks cold, no matter where their itinerary takes them.

    10. A set of travel-sized masks so their skin doesn't have to suffer when the jet-lag gets real.

    11. An airplane foot rest that, quite simply, will change the game for every flight from here on out for them and earn you status as Best Gift-Giver Ever.

    12. And why not pair it with these truly incredible compression socks to keep their legs and feet comfortable on long-haul flights (and drives)?

    13. A pocket wine aerator so they can make the best out of that single-serving wine bottle when they're miles high in the air.

    14. A Mario Badescu face-spray trio, so they can mist their skin with some much-needed hydration (and perk up!) after a long flight.

    15. A portable white noise machine, because exploring a new place can be amazing, but sleeping soundly through the night in a new place isn't always so easy.

    16. A portable charger so they're never stuck in the middle of a foreign place without the juice they need to get around again.

    17. A copy of Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See...Ranked, to inspire their next trip (or next few trips!).

    18. Color-map mugs so the jet-setter in your life can keep track of their travels in the cutest way.

    19. A pair of Anker noise-canceling headphones that'll drown out the sounds of that crying baby and help them get some shut-eye on their next flight.

    20. A handheld luggage scale so they'll never be faced with a last-minute oversized luggage conundrum ever again.

    21. A chic little carrier, because their jet-setting furry BFF deserves to travel in style too.

    22. A journal where they can record memories about each of the 50 states so they never forget all the little things that happened along the way.

    23. A Kangaroo home security system that'll give them peace of mind every time they're off indulging their wanderlust.

    24. A personalized leather luggage tag so they can keep their bags secure and look damn cute while doing it.

    25. A four-pack of refillable mini fragrance bottles that'll provide them with a TSA-friendly way to pack their favorite perfumes.

    26. A Rosetta Stone subscription, so they can prep for their next adventure in a country with a foreign language.

    27. A satin pillowcase that'll make them feel like they're living in luxury next time they travel, even if they aren't at a five-star hotel. (Their hair and skin will thank you.)

    28. And a travel stub diary so they have a dedicated place to organize their ticket stubs, brochures, and other memorabilia from their jaunts around the world.

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