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    Just 29 Really Adorable Gifts For Your Dog

    Happy howlidays!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A subscription box — like The Dapper Dog (left), Pupbox (right), Barkbox, or Pupjoy — to treat your pup to fun surprises every month.

    The Dapper Dog, Pupbox

    Promising review: "We can't say enough good things about Dapper Dog! Kerrie took time to find out about our dog — what she likes and doesn't like, toys that fit her needs, etc. The personalized touch in each box is unmatched! When we got a second pup from a rescue midway through our gift subscription, Kerrie even sent a special treat for our new fur baby and has made sure she's thought of in each box shipment since! Highest recommendation!!!" —Julee

    Get The Dapper Dog Box for $29.99/month, a Pupbox holiday box for $29, Barkbox starting at $21/month, and Pupjoy starting at $26/month.

    Read more about figuring out which box is best for you and your doggo here.

    2. A fleece throw and pillow set that'll make any space cozier for your lil' floofer.

    I'll take one in human size too, please.

    Get it from Petco for $10.99.

    3. A squeaking hide-a-squirrel toy for the insatiable squirrel-chaser to safely get their fix indoors.

    Promising review: "My dog is in love with this toy. She hasn't quite figured out that she can pull the squirrels through the holes though. Instead, she shakes her head and sends them flying around the living room.. She absolutely loves the squirrels. She's constantly chewing on them. The second I put the toy away, she goes and takes it right back out and removes all squirrels. I only regret buying this toy because my dog is so obsessed with it that I am constantly finding squirrels all over the house." —Alexis D

    Available in sizes junior through ginormous. Get it from Amazon for $7.99+.

    4. A feeding mat to encourage their natural foraging instincts and occupy them by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.

    Promising review: "Love it, was a hit the minute I put it down! Three little dogs don't even notice us leaving with this mat — great distraction, mind workout, and fun all round. Shipping was incredibly fast. Have already told all my friends with fur babies. Have already washed it as well holds up well." —Ingrid M

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    5. A dapper scarf that'll instantly up your pup's winter style game.

    Promising review: "Bought this for our Shih Tzu for the holidays. Love the festive print. Lightweight and it's well made. The toggle button is cute and I love that it stays in place. Backside is jersey material. Slips over head, no adjustments to make. Love Top Paw products, always true to size and right on point." —GG Puperton

    Available in small and large. Get it from Petsmart for $5.99.

    6. Playology toys, which are scented with flavors like beef and chicken to keep dogs extra pumped about playing.

    Playology / Via, Playolgy / Via, Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    My dog *loves* these toys! It's been over a month and they've withstood his ~power-chewing~ capabilities. Have no fear: The scent isn't strong — it won't leave the room smelling like meat — but instead it's a very subtle one that gets released as your dog chews on the toy. Plus, the rope toy is made with a material that wicks away slobber, so it never gets all gross and wet after your pooch has been chewing on it for a while.

    Available in sizes S–L and various styles. Get them from Petco for $9.99+.

    7. A charming treat tin to keep treats fresh (and out of reach from the cookie-hungry pupper).

    The cute vintage design will add some personality to any space, to boot.

    Get it from Petco for $8.99.

    8. A puzzle that hides treats in various compartments, making for an enriching, curiosity-piquing game chock-full of rewards.

    Promising review: "As a pet parent to three rescues and a foster, we bought a few dog puzzles of various levels to see what would best engage and entertain them. This has been the pack favorite and ours as we can easily adapt it to each dog's level of skill. We appreciate how well made it is and would recommend it highly. Some reviews expressed concerns over dogs with larger snouts being unable to access treats in these toys. We have a Labrador, pitb mix (like a miniature pit), baseniji mix, and German shepherd mix. They range in size from about 25 lbs to 75 lbs and have all enjoyed this toy!" —Liz Cooper

    Available in "flip board" and "poker box" options. Get it from Amazon for $10.02+.

    9. A super-comfy bed made with orthopedic foam that just may make them stop trying to jump into your bed every night.

    Promising review: "I purchased many pet beds over the years that were alright, but my 95 lb. mixed golden was diagnosed with arthritis. She loves her bed, as does her 4-year-old brother, so we bought him one too. Easy to clean with a small handheld vacuum and a sprinkle of Carpet Fresh. These beds last for years and keep their shape well." —Petmamma58

    Available in four sizes and in brown or gray. Get it from Petsmart for $29.38–$100.63.

    10. A special pupper seat belt to keep your pooch safe on every car ride, because they should always buckle up too!

    Promising review: "On 2/8/17 my service dog and I were in a terrible accident. We spun on black ice into a concrete median, into a semi, and back into the concrete again. I was wearing my seat belt and walked away with just minor scrapes and bruises. Thanks to this device my service dog was not thrown from the vehicle and walked away with only a bruised paw. I almost lost my best friend and lifeline but thanks to this purchase and a safety harness I'm happy to say we're both here today!" —TeagenQueen613

    Available in six colors. Get a two-pack from Amazon for $7.99+.

    11. A hat, scarf, and leg warmers set to make your pupperino the coziest in the land.

    Any excuse to dress your pup in leg warmers is a solid one, tbh.

    Available in XS/S and M/L. Get it from Petsmart for $24.99.

    12. A calming dog toy made with lavender and therapeutic-grade essential oils to ease your doggo's anxiety.,

    Promising review: "I bought two of these toys for my cairn terrier. They instantly became her favorite toys and we believe the aroma released with each squeak helps calm her down. She goes to sleep on her bed or in her crate with the toy next to her." —BillsBooBoo

    Get the blue dog from Petco for $5.19 and the pink flat-body bear for $6.79.

    13. Seasonal dog treats to stuff your pup's stocking to the brim with.

    Only thing better than a peanut butter treat is a holiday-themed peanut butter treat.

    Get it from Petsmart for $3.39.

    14. A handheld massager, because name one pup who doesn't deserve regular massages?

    Promising reviews: "Both my cat and dog loved this. They could not get enough." —Amazon Customer

    "After a long day of play my pup loves to lie down for a massage. Super easy to use, great grip and gentle massage. Love that the bottom comes off for easy cleaning." —Lindsey

    Get it from Amazon for $11.98.

    15. Musher's Secret, so they can play all winter long in the snow while protecting their cute lil' paws from salt and ice.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. My seven-year-old pit mix has issues with her paws in the winter. She hates wearing shoes, socks, and everything under the sun that I tried. I finally went online for a paw protector. This one had great reviews so I figured I'd give it a shot. I followed the instructions about how to apply and it worked like a dream. The snow and ice melt drops off her pads, and most of the time her paws don't even pick up the ice melt crystals. I highly recommend this product, buy it for your fur babies who are sensitive to the elements. It also conditions their pads. Her callouses have practically disappeared." —Vanessa Jones

    Get it from Amazon or Chewy for $12.25+ (available in 60-gram, 200-grab, and 1-pound jars).

    16. A Mrs. Clause or Santa costume, if only for the photo op.,

    Okay, pretty much only for the photo op.

    Get the Mrs. Clause costume (available in XS–2XL) from Petco for $9.99+ and the Santa costume (available in S–2XL) from Petco for $9.99+.

    17. A gefilte fish or "llamalka in a yarmulke" toy, for the doggie that keeps it kosher.,

    Muzzle tov!

    Get the gelfite fish from Petco for $3.49 or the llama from Petco for $6.39.

    18. A paw-shaped stocking fit for the very best good boy in town.

    Promising review: "Just received this yesterday and I am SO pleased with it! It is super cute in person and exactly what I was looking for. Seems very well made so I can use it for many years I think! Thanks so much!!! My puppy is going to LOVE digging through it for treats on Christmas." —Sarah Bolt

    Get it from FallenStarCouture on Etsy for $22.99.

    19. A personalized portrait, because your dog deserves to see a reflection of who they truly are inside every day.

    (Sure, it's really for you, but no one's judging.)

    Promising review: "Very pleased with this purchase. Within an hour of submitting my order I had a message back saying she’d have a proof for me the next day. That following morning I got the proof and it was perfect. Received my portrait within a few days. The quality is exceptional." —heatherrogers89

    Available as print, poster, or on canvas in various sizes. Get it from CustomPetPrints on Etsy for $79.99+.

    20. A chic elevated bowl that adjusts to three levels, so your doggo can eat comfortably, no matter what their size.

    Promising review: "Perfect height for my dog who is 115 lbs. and lab/shepherd mix. He doesn't have to bend over for his food anymore. It is sturdy and easily put together and taken a part for travel. I haven't had to adjust to smaller levels as the way it is in the picture is how we use it." —Kelly Parker

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    21. A colorful laser-engraved collar, to brighten up your pooch's look with a personalized touch.

    Promising review: "Love it!!! Very durable! Brighter and bolder than expected. Frankie gets compliments all the time!" —Jane Taylor

    Available in XS–XL and in 17 styles. Get it from Shopmimigreen on Etsy for $37.99.

    22. A buffalo-plaid llama fleece that's as ridiculously cute as it is cozy., Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "So adorable! Very well made too. 10/10 would recommend." —ellbow

    Available in sizes XS–XL. Get it from Petsmart for $11.99+.

    23. A classic Kong Wobbler treat-dispensing toy that'll keep your pupperino entertained when you just don't have the energy for another round of fetch.

    Promising review: "Thank you, Kong folks! This toy is great. Presents a fun challenge for our little chewy Charlie. When he's bored, he chews anything he can get his terrier/Chihuahua jaws on. This toy is indestructible and fascinating. As the old toy commercial went: It weebles, it wobbles, it never falls over. Put treats or a bell inside and it will engage puppy for a good while. Often pops back and bops him in the head, which only increases the challenge. Highest praise for the Wobbler." —Fran S.

    Available in small and large. Get it from Amazon for $9.79+ or Petco for $8.89+.

    24. A treat-dispensing camera that lets you talk to your pup and give 'em treats even when you're not around.

    Promising review: "I attached a Petcube Bites to the doghouse on my back patio. The dogs love it. My dogs constantly wait by the Petcube waiting for me to fling a treat. I can check up on them while I'm away from home using the phone app. When I talk to them through the phone app, it's the funniest thing because they can hear me but they can't see me. Their ears perk up and they look in the direction of the Petcube but aren't quite sure what to do, at least until I fling some treats at them. The product is very sturdy and well made. The camera quality is really good for both photos and video. The app lets you 'share' the camera and treat dispenser with anyone you want to share it with, like family or friends. And you can set up specific times when those shared users can access it. Overall, this is a fun and great product if you want to keep tabs on your pets and give them treats remotely." —cmjesquire

    Available in silver, black, and rose gold. Get it from Amazon for $169.99.

    25. A festive bow tie so your doggo will never be without something to wear for a last-minute special occasion.

    Promising review: "My labrador is now ready for all formal functions. He looks so handsome in his tartan plaid. Thanks!" —luckymomma

    Available in XS–XL. Get it from LePetsAndThings on Etsy for $10.99+.

    26. A plush coal squeaker toy for the bad dog who — let's be real — is still a good boy or girl at the end of the day.

    Don't worry, your pup will still love you.

    Available in assorted colors and styles. Get it from Petco for $3.49.

    27. A doggie pool perfect for the warmer-climate pup who loves splashing around all year long.

    Promising review: "We bought this pool for our 6-year-old border collie mix Lucy to use on vacation in the outer banks as she doesn't like to swim in the in ground pool. We set it up for her on day two of our vacation and she loved it! She is a 70-pound cutie pie who loves to spin around in the water to cool off. This was perfect. On our last day we drained water and set in sun to dry (very quickly). Folded up and back into carrying bag 1-2-3! Could not have been easier and worth the money to make her happy as well! I recommend this for all dog lovers!" —SUS

    Available in S–L. Get it from Amazon for $44.99+.

    28. A water bottle and dispenser to make sure your floof is always hydrated during long car trips and outdoor excursions.

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome. I saw someone at a park using it and it took me months to finally get one. What a difference it has made for our sharpei who gets hot easily when we walk by the beach. We also try to take it on longer car rides. Just bought another as a backup. It's a great gadget and loads of people comment how clever it is! Love it because it's so much easier than dealing with finding a bowl, etc when on the go." —Cookie

    Available in four colors. Get it from Amazon for $8.02+.

    29. And finally, a Winedog subscription — which comes with treats for you and your pupper, so you can both look forward to sharing a box of goodies every month.

    Winedog / Via

    Promising review: "I'm not sure who looks forward to this box more, me or my dog! I have received two boxes so far and have loved every single item inside! Can't say that for other subscription boxes, and I have tried MANY other subscriptions. My dog is obsessed with the toys that come inside and she loves all the treats! Without a doubt I will have this subscription for a very long time!" —Rebecca

    Get it from Cratejoy for $30+/month.

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