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    Furbo Is A Treat-Dispensing Camera And It Makes An Excellent Gift For Dog Owners

    And it's 34% off in Canada!!

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    Remember back when you were a little kid and dreamed about how cool it would be to talk to your dog and see what they were up to when you weren't at home? (No? Just me?) Well, friends, the future is now — and it includes treats.

    Furbo / Via

    I introduce to you, pet parents of the world ready to change your whole damn life, the Furbo Dog Camera.

    Unlike other run-of-the-mill doggie cameras (which, let's be real, are basically just regular ol' security cameras), the Furbo is a TWO-WAY camera that also dispenses treats! Wowie wow wow.


    (^Literally me, puzzled as to why I waited so long to get this for my dog.)

    You just plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the free Furbo app, which is iOS- and Android-compatible, and you're good to go! Many reviewers have noted that the Furbo works best when in close proximity to Wi-Fi, FYI.

    While other typical home monitors send general motion and sound alerts, the Furbo notifies you of dog-related events only (but it does let you know when a human comes into view, so you can keep tabs on a dog walker or be alerted of an intruder) and you'll get access to a timeline with all the photos of the day's events. The 1080-pixel camera has a night-vision feature and also knows when your dog is facing the camera, so it will actually — wait for it — SNAP A SELFIE of your pup and send it to your app. Aw!

    Also cool? You'll be alerted when the Furbo identifies continuous activity, like chewing, licking feet, pacing, or jumping on furniture, which can help to identify separation anxiety. Plus, a push notification will also be sent when your dog barks — so you can talk down your anxious pup via the app if need be. You can choose which alerts you'd like on and which you'd like off, and the more the technology learns about your pup's behavior, the smarter it gets in notifying you of important events.

    Your old dog cam is shook.

    And guess what, hoomans? For 🚨limited time only🚨, Furbo is 34% off in 🇨🇦Canada🇨🇦!!! That's right, it's more than a third off right now. Plus, you'll get an additional ~$15 off~ when you use the promo code "Buzz15" at checkout.

    The Furbo has helped pet owners feel less anxious, knowing they can always check on their sweet pups, even when they're not at home:

    Nataly Jingwen Sun/Furbo

    “When my dog was learning to potty train last year, she tried to escape many times a day. Furbo actually saved her, because one day she got stuck and we received bark notifications — we saw that her leg was stuck and she was hanging upside down! We raced home right way. It’s been great to know what our dogs do when we’re away at work. It gives us peace of mind.” —Nataly Jingwen Sun, Furbo user

    It's helped lost dogs find their way back home to their human:

    Tim Roehl/Furbo

    “I was out of town and got a frantic call from my dog sitter that Snickers had escaped and was lost. Ten helpful neighbours and two hours later, still no success in getting him back in the house. Furbo to the rescue! I opened the front door, moved Furbo down to the entry way, and plugged it in. I connected to the Furbo and started calling for Snickers and launching treats. It only took five minutes before Snickers came running back into the house! Thank God for Furbo saving the day.” —Tim Roehl, Furbo user

    And the Furbo has even saved dogs' lives!!

    Shannon Lowe/Furbo

    "Our home caught on fire with our mini golden doodle Mooser inside. Furbo kept alerting us that our dog was barking, and when we looked at it on our way to dinner, the whole apartment was smokey, and then the fire burnt Furbo. Luckily, we were only five minutes from home and turned around. We beat the fire department there, broke a window, and saved him just in time before the smoke took over the entire apartment. Furbo saved our dog’s life and we are forever thankful for that." — Shannon Lowe, Furbo user

    Of course, the best part of all: The Furbo lets you toss some treats out to your furry BFF (and it also works with Alexa).


    The camera comes with a pack of training treats, but you can fill it with your pup's faves (round ones with a 1 cm diameter work best).

    Don't forget that for a limited time in 🇨🇦Canada🇨🇦, this is ~34% off~, with an additonal $15 off when you use the code "Buzz15" at checkout!! What a *treat*!

    Get it from Furbo for $183 with the promo code "Buzz15" (originally $299).

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