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    If Critters Die In Your Pool Please Buy This $14 Escape Ramp ASAP

    It's time to put an end to these needless deaths once and for all!

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    If you have an in-ground pool, chances are you've found more than your fair share of poor souls — frogs, lizards, chipmunks, etc. — who've taken a misstep and met their fate on the premises.

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    Well, friends, prepare yourself for all the good karma that's about to come your way — because the FrogLog is a genius little ramp that's become a lifeline for thousands of critters across the country!

    This contraption is super-easy to set up and will allow animals to escape to safety if they've found their way into your pool.

    What's that? You're a monster who doesn't care about all the helpless creatures drowning to death on your property? 1) Report yourself to authorities immediately. 2) You'll also have cleaner water and have to do a lot less pool maintenance with this thing in place, so, look, it's a benefit to you too.

    Seriously, pool-havers (and happy frogs) across the US freakin' love this thing.,

    "We had been inundated with frogs last year (I believe due to the borough removing a dam downstream, greatly improving the water quality of the stream behind our pool) and I kept finding little frogs in the skimmers, many of which did not make it until I could rescue them. This product is doing EXACTLY as I had hoped! Since I purchased this the frogs had not been getting in the skimmers and my frog tally for 2016 is now 28 rescued, 14 fatalities. Here is my proof." —Sandra J. Christian

    "Original: I put it in the pool weeks ago — haven't seen a single poor little floating soul. I like it! Everybody likes it, actually. Get it — it seems to work! Update: This thing definitely works. So far, I've got two frogs. I scoop them out, and send them off into the woods, and the very next morning, here we are again. At least they can get out! lol" —bejenerous

    "I can confirm, this thing really does work. No more five-lined skinks, salamanders, or frogs in the skimmer. Even saves a spider or two." —Ron Z II

    And don't be fooled by this product's name — frogs aren't the only ones thanking their lucky stars for this invention. Look at this safe lil' bb bunny omg!!!!

    "We have had this in the pool all summer and have had no critters lost. Normally there were two or three frogs a week, but none this year. It helps all kinds of animals. My wife took this picture of a baby rabbit it saved today. We lifted it out and it hopped away. Great product." —Johnny_B

    "A lifeline for small animals! This product gives me peace of mind. After finding a couple of bunnies in the pool, I wanted something that would save them if they fell in. This FrogLog is sturdy enough to do that." —Amazon Customer

    And this teeny-weeny chipmunk who is just so thrilled to be ALIVE and is begging you to please, for the love of all that is good and pure, go buy this thing now so you have it on hand before pool season starts.

    "BEST. THING. EVER. Buy it, don't hesitate. We fished out (dead) things every day until we got this and for two months now there have been NO ADDITIONAL CASUALTIES. None! It broke my heart to find drowned chipmunks, mice, toads, salamanders, you name it... but just one of these in our in-ground 35K-gallon pool has done the trick. Thank you, FrogLog!!! I'm attaching a photo of a pathetic half-drowned chipmunk for your consideration — this was one that I managed to save before the FrogLog. I haven't had to rescue any critters since. Very happy customer!!! *Update:* One year later and our second pool season this is STILL our most valuable piece of pool equipment. FrogLog, you the real MVP." —Dee A. Clingan

    "I purchased this about a month ago because I kept getting dead chipmunks and mice and the occasional frog or snake! I felt horrible that my pool was killing these poor creatures, so looked into the FrogLog. This thing is awesome. I haven't had anything dead in the pool since I put it in! Only funny thing is now I have two frogs that are using it recreationally as a lily pad. They keep coming back even after I remove them!" —Vanessa B.

    Save the tiny turtles, the toads, and the lizards!

    "This device has saved countless critters from drowning in my pool. Very happy with my purchase." —Susan Epstein

    "I put this in our new home’s pool. My husband thought the idea was silly. Apparently there was a nearby turtle nest hatching and nearly every day, we find a teeny-tiny turtle swimming in the pool. How else would the turtle get out?" —Laura S.

    "We live in the woods and against my wishes, had a pool installed. Nearly every day we would find frogs and newts in our pool, and slightly less often we would find small mammals. After a quick search I found this product and immediately ordered it, and I am happy to say that I've had this for two months with no deaths! This was such a great idea, thanks for making it!" —Ashley

    "I purchased two of these items as I've been finding dead mice and a couple of lizards in our in-ground pool. These seem like a good idea, as they hang over the edge of the pool and the end is weighted so they remain stationary and the critters can climb up and out. The first night of use, I found a dead mouse floating. I think this device might be better if there was a light on it so the critters can find it. A mouse in a large pool is like you or I in the middle of a lake in the dark. I put a solar landscaping light under each last night and had no mishaps but that could have just been a coincidence but I will keep the lights on the units at night and see what difference it makes. I think I may order two more also, as it's a big pool." —DonnaJay

    Save the ducklings, for crying out loud!

    "Great purchase! We always have little animals and critters fall into the pool and it's so difficult to help them (if we see it in time). One of the neighborhood ducks' babies kept falling into the pool. By the time we raised the water level of the pool (which goes down every day because of the sun intensity) and used a palm branch, it would take forever to get them out. The mother duck would be stressed out and think we were harming her babies. I bought this the same week the last time this happened and filled the pouch with rocks. So simple. The baby ducks figured it out in less than two minutes. The video I took of them looks unreal. Really grateful for this contraption. Especially since we have outdoor cats. On rare occasions, animals that fall victim to them fall in the pool and almost drown. This would allow them to hold onto something until I'm able to get them out." —AshelyAJ

    Get it from Amazon for $14.35 and get ready to start👏saving👏some👏lives.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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