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    32 Women-Run Etsy Shops You'll Be Instantly Smitten With

    Who run the (online marketplace) world?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Barruntando, for quaint ceramic goods you'll want to fill every corner of your home with.,

    What it carries: Nature-inspired handmade ceramic pieces, including planters, yarn bowls, candle holders, pet feeders, and much more.

    Why it's cool: Owned and designed by a group of women who work out of a workshop in Avilés, Spain, an area with great ceramic tradition, the shop also accepts custom orders — like the most adorable made-to-order wedding-cake toppers you've ever seen.

    Pricing: $12.76–$127.62

    Get the pug planter for $33.18 and the ring dish for $28.08+ (can be engraved with initials and date).

    2. PettiBear, which sells custom-made, retro-chic clothing with curvy women in mind.

    What it carries: Dresses, swimsuits (including maternity swimsuits), tops, accessories, and more.

    Why it's cool: All pieces are custom-made to the customer's measurements, and are created using mostly natural fiber materials like linen, cotton, and viscose.

    Pricing: $55–$480

    Get the high-waisted pencil skirt for $90 and the bikini for $220.

    3. Flutter by Katie, where you'll find gorgeous one-of-a-kind butterfly displays made with responsibly farmed butterflies.

    What it carries: Butterfly displays housed in a variety of containers of various sizes — from milk bottles to large centerpieces.

    Why it's cool: No two pieces are ever alike, and you can also contact owner Katie Flaherty to create a custom piece and discuss materials and color schemes.

    Pricing: $35–$475

    Get the rustic milk bottle display for $45 and the large pendant display for $75.

    4. GRLTRBL, a shop chock-full of kitschy and colorful feminist pins, postcards, and totes.

    What it carries: Pins, postcards, and tote bags with feminist and WOC themes.

    Why it's cool: You know you have someone who'd love to receive your message on a Beyonce-adorned "Slay the Patriarchy" postcard. (Plus, you get 20% off your entire order if you spend $20 or more.)

    Pricing: $3–$25

    Get the Latinx pin for $10 and the "Good Books Make Bad Girls and Dangerous Women" pin for $12.

    5. DanielaTabois, which sells glam AF luxury bridal pantsuits and more.

    What it carries: Ready-to-wear and custom bridal jumpsuits as well as the fiercest sequined pants, skirts, and wraps you've ever seen.

    Why it's cool: Because there's no need to wear a white dress on your wedding day if you love pants — or sequins — more.

    Pricing: $250–$3,800

    Get the bow-back jumpsuit for $1,195, and the sequin maxi skirt for $795+.

    6. Skipping Goat Farm Goods, for natural skincare and bath products made from goat milk straight from the owner's farm.,

    What it carries: Soaps, salves, and other products made with all-natural nourishing, moisturizing goat milk.

    Why it's cool: Shop owner Ami Lahoff's goat farm houses goats that are happy and healthy, and eat only organic forage, hay, and grain in the sunshine. They "love to be hugged, give kisses freely, and enjoy being milked." Aw.

    Pricing: $6.50–$16

    Get the lemon lavender poppyseed scrub soap and the "spice box" soap for $9 each.

    7. The Foggy Dog, which offers products for "discerning pets and their people" in fun, eye-catching prints and patterns.

    What it carries: Pet beds, leashes, dog toys, bandanas, and more.

    Why it's cool: Because if you've got a pup, you know you have to carry around poop bags anyway — might as well make them look cute!

    Pricing: $14–$59

    Get the floral pet bed for $49+ (available in sizes S-XL) and the zippered poop-bag dispenser for $22.

    8. Sootmegs, for a seriously awesome array of "functional pin badges that make the invisible visible.",

    What it carries: An assortment of awesome pins that do the talking for you — with messages like "I'm non-binary," "deaf not stupid," "I'm not drunk, I have diabetes," and "don't touch my hair."

    Why it's cool: Because maybe you want the world to know what you're going through or who you are without having to constantly keep explaining it. Custom orders also welcome.

    Pricing: $4.31–$20.10

    Get the "chronic pain warrior" pin for $4.31 and the "pregnancy kit" set of six pins for $17.23

    9. FabFunkyPillows, which carries pillow covers and other designs "that are a little bit loopy.",

    What it carries: Animal- and nature-inspired pillow covers and lampshades. (Pillow inserts are also sold for $15.)

    Why it's cool: The fantastical designs featuring dogs, birds, forest creatures, and more will instantly elevate your space with a bit of Alice in Wonderland-like whimsy.

    Pricing: $57.50–$325

    Get the English bulldog pillow for $57.50 and the rabbit cabbage-patch lampshade for $225+ (available in three sizes).

    10. CasitadeLana, a shop that sells knitted and hand-embroidered clothes for babies and children, made with natural fibers like merino wool, baby alpaca, pima cotton, and bamboo.,

    What it carries: Children's sweaters, dresses, blouses, and blankets, as well as embroidery kits and knitting patterns.

    Why it's cool: The line is designed by Constanza Guerrero, a knitter in Chile, and produced with three other knitters in her community — she wanted to give them opportunity to work in order to support their families but also stay home to care for their children.

    Pricing: $2.80–$80

    Get the sweater dress for $55 and the knitted sweater for $40+.

    11. Viveltre, which makes inventive and artful gourmet marshmallows that'll have you drooling long before they even arrive.,

    What it carries: The coolest marshmallow flavors and s'mores treats you've ever laid eyes on — plus options for gift assortments, like marshmallow pops or s'mores "shots" you can use as party favors.

    Why it's cool: Where else can you find espresso-, Nutella-, Irish cream-, *and* Snickers-flavored marshmallows in one place?!

    Pricing: $5.99–$299.50

    Get the Bacon Bourbon Sutra marshmallows for $5.99+ and the "Chocolate Seduction 7-Layer S’mores" treat for $9.99.

    12. Candy's Kloset, for accessories influenced by music, nature, film, comics, social justice, and especially Latinx culture.,

    What it carries: Whimsical and colorful rings, bracelets, pins, keychains, and more.

    Why it's cool: The store offers affordable statement accessories that celebrate Latinx culture, as well as custom orders.

    Pricing: $2.50–$15

    Get the loteria card pins for $5 each and the pink concha earrings for $8 (available as stud or hook earrings).

    13. Among The Stars, where you'll find personalized stuffed animals for your little one that are filled with soothing lavender.

    What it carries: Stuffed animals, mittens, and moccasins for your mini-me, plus hand-embroidered wall hangings.

    Why it's cool: All items are one-of-a-kind, with each stuffed animal's eyes and nose hand-embroidered and can be customized with the fabric of your choice as well as embroidered initials.

    Pricing: $10–$50

    Get the medium stuffed elephant for $40 and the small stuffed bunny for $30.

    14. Broderpress, for adorable silkscreened pillows of every creature under the sun.

    What it carries: Silkscreened pillows of animals, plants, and a few inanimate objects.

    Why it's cool: Owner Shannon Broder also takes custom orders — meaning you can cuddle up with both your IRL pet and their pillow-shaped doppelganger.

    Pricing: $10–$80

    Get the custom pet pillow for $80 and the manatee pillow for $40.

    15. Rough & Tumble bags, to find your next gorgeous handmade leather or waxed canvas bag.,

    What it carries: All sorts of bags — from clutches to backpacks to cross-body bags.

    Why it's cool: The line is run by Natasha Durham, a former chef and restaurateur who employs a staff of nearly 40 people — mostly women and professional quilters.

    Pricing: $68–$388

    Get the shoulder bag for $268 (available in seven colors) and the wallet clutch for $90 (available in three colors).

    16. Nalgona Positive Shop, an "Xicana-Brown-Indigenous shop for chubby warriors."

    Painbrushheart / Via,

    What it carries: T-shirts, posters, stickers, totes, and magnets that promote intersectional body positivity.

    Why it's cool: The store's goal is to provide comprehensive intersectional body-positive information on topics like historical trauma, fat-positivity, eating-disorder awareness, and indigeneity.

    Pricing: $6.50–$26.50

    Get the "My Body Is a Decolonial Act of Resistance Against Patriarchy" T-shirt for $26.50 (available in sizes XS–5XL) and the "Brown Is Beautiful" poster for $10.

    17. Buried Diamond, for vibrant jewelry with tons of personality that'll make literally everyone ask, "Where'd you get that?"

    What it carries: Eye-catching handpainted necklaces, earrings, rings, and more that are hand-formed from polymer clay or laser-cut from wood. The shop also sells "mystery boxes" for the particularly adventurous.

    Why it's cool: The line was born after its creator Martha Moore Porter began making chunky eyeball necklaces for herself because she "couldn't find anything flashy enough" to satisfy her already in existence.

    Pricing: $8–$115

    Get the hands earrings for $16 (available in five colors) and the fruit charms necklace for $115.

    18. Hello Pride, a gift boutique that specializes in LGBT baby apparel.

    What it carries: Onesies, bibs, and tees with LGBT and holiday themes.

    Why it's cool: Because the world could use more adorable baby apparel that's inclusive of all types of families.

    Pricing: $15–$150

    Get the "Mom Squared" onesie or the "Of Course I'm Cute, Have You Seen My Dads" onesie for $20+ each (available in sizes newborn–4T and in eight colors).

    19. Monochromatiques, where you'll find handmade porcelain and metal jewelry in lots of geometric, whimsical designs.,

    What it carries: Quirky conversation-piece earrings, necklaces, brooches, pins, and more.

    Why it's cool: The delicate, simple pieces are all designed by Paris-based Isabelle, who hopes her "creations will give their wearer a reason to smile."

    Pricing: $8.93–$82.95

    Get the red-boots necklace for $40.81 and the floppy-disk pin for $15.31

    20. Tiffbits, a shop where you can snag all the products you can get your corgi-loving hands on.,

    What it carries: Hand-drawn corgi-themed cards, paper goods, and gifts.

    Why it's cool: Corgi everything!!!

    Pricing: $4.50–$32

    Get the "Thanks, Mom" card and the "Good Job" card for $4.50 each.

    21. HollyMacDraws, for illustrated cards and prints guaranteed to make you smile.,

    What it carries: Cards, prints, notebooks and jewelry with feminist, LGBTQ, and self-care themes.

    Why it's cool: Because the (inclusive) greeting-card selection alone blows anything you'll find at the local drugstore out of the water.

    Pricing: $4.29–$14.34

    Get the "Box of Animal Depressants" card for $4.29 and the "Secret Society of Hairy Legs" brooch for $8.60.

    22. Aromi, which features over 40 matte liquid lipstick shades in tons of bold, fun colors.

    What it carries: Fragrances and vibrant lip color.

    Why it's cool: Aromi was started by Hannah Follis — a chemist who spent 10 years perfecting her formulas before selling them on Etsy.

    Pricing: $5–$58

    Get the Fab Flamingo metallic matte liquid lipstick for $14 or the Jade Green matte liquid lipstick for $17.

    23. Jtopolski, a detailed jewelry line with a focus on nature and made through a combination of acid etching, wax carving, and metal smithing, and using eco-friendly resin.,

    What it carries: Animal-themed jewelry as well as murder-mystery necklaces and NYC/skyline-themed pieces.

    Why it's cool: Owner Jenny Topolski works with an eco-conscious custom gold-plater, and some sales benefit charities including rhinoceros rescue, urban wildlife rehabilitation, and more.

    Pricing: $14–$285

    Get the rhinoceros ring for $140+ (available in sizes 5–10 and in brass or sterling silver) and the sloth necklace for $120.

    24. CgHouls, for original ink and watercolor prints of all your favorite animated characters, from The Simpsons to Daria.,

    What it carries: Prints of various sizes and greeting cards featuring classic animated characters.

    Why it's cool: Because shop owner Carrie knows your love for Ren & Stimpy will forever live on.

    Pricing: $5–$30

    Get the Beavis & Butt-Head print set for $30.

    25. AuthenticNativeMade, where you can shop for Native American–made beaded baby moccasins and shoes.,

    What it carries: High-quality fringed and beaded baby moccasins, shoes, and boots made by Ojibwe artist Sharolyn Maleport, who has been a 3D artist for many years and shown her work at many fine Native American art shows.

    Why it's cool: The shop offers customized beading colors at no additional charge.

    Pricing: $20–$250

    Get the leather boho baby boots and the beaded leather moccasins for $58 each (available in sizes 0–4).

    26. Effie's Paper, which carries stationery, prints, and desk accessories that celebrate feminism and being a WOC.,

    What it carries: Paper goods, mugs, keychains, makeup bags, and other items with inspirational and uplifting messages.

    Why it's cool: Because you know you're a badass and maybe you want to make sure everyone else at work does does too.

    Pricing: $4.50–$25

    Get the Black Girl Magic gold-foil notebook for $18.50 and the "It's Time to Put Your Big Girl Panties On" card for $4.50.

    27. Watersounds, for illustrated prints that'll brighten up your space and your day.,

    What it carries: Cheerful prints, pins, notebooks, and pouches perfect for anyone with a green thumb — or anyone just who aspires to have one.

    Why it's cool: What better way to teach your child the alphabet than by teaching them about all the beautiful birds in the world too?

    Pricing: $4.50–$28

    Get the houseplant print for $28 and the notebook set for $11.

    28. Pony People, with pins and stickers so freakin' cute you might tempted to reach through your computer screen and squeeze them. (Don't try that, though.)

    What it carries: Pins, postcards, patches, stickers, and prints that'll make any animal and plant lover squee over and over again.

    Why it's cool: Shop owner Anne Knispel lays on the cat themes pretty heavy, and also where else can you find a product that so perfectly combines your love for felines and beets?

    Pricing: $1.91–$15.31

    Get the "cranky cat" pin for $12.12 and the cactus vinyl sticker set for $6.38.

    29. Kei and Molly, a shop that features hand-printed fabric goods, like charming dish towels and napkins, and dedicated to revitalizing Albuquerque's International District.,

    What it carries: Dish towels, tea towels, cards, napkins, and fabric.

    Why it's cool: The company was created with the goal of creating good jobs for immigrant and refugee women in the owners' New Mexico community.

    Pricing: $8–$58

    Get the octopus flour-sack dish towel for $12 and the laundry-line cotton tea towel for $24.

    30. RachelPfefferDesigns, for a huge selection of of fun and showstopping jewelry — from quirky earrings and hair pieces to stunning recycled rings.,

    What it carries: Super-cool jewelry for every price range and style.

    Why it's cool: Owner Rachel Pfeffer also takes custom orders.

    Pricing: $22–$1,100

    Get the cactus stud earrings for $44+ and the one-of-a-kind recycled 14k-gold old mine cut diamond engagement ring for $795 (available in sizes 5–8).

    31. Ragged Glory, which'll make all your vintage dreams come to life regardless of your budget.,

    What it carries: Vintage womenswear, menswear, and accessories.

    Why it's cool: The shop sells both affordable and high-end designer vintage pieces.

    Pricing: $15–$248

    Get '70s platform shoes for $124 or the Marimekko blouse for $42.

    32. And TradingCardValhalla, where you can order fun pieces of jewelry made out of old trading cards.

    What it carries: So-adorable-you'll-want-to-pinch 'em jewelry and pendants with your favorite Pokemon, anime, and other cartoon characters.

    Why it's cool: If you have favorite card from childhood that seems to be falling apart, you can email owner Mana to see if it can be transformed into a new item! Plus, a percentage of sales go toward charity, as well as toward supporting and encouraging new artists and writers.

    Pricing: $3-$100

    Get the Mudkip glass pendant for $13+ and the Sailor Moon glass earring set for $12.

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