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    This App Pays You For Shopping At All The Stores You Normally Do And I'm Obsessed

    The Drop app is an easy-breezy way to make some extra cash just by shopping at all your favorite places.

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    Hello! Do you like shopping? (Or do you *not* like shopping but do it anyway because you have to buy things like food and clothes and various drugstore goods in order to literally survive?)


    Well, regardless of which side you're on, I've got some pretty great news for you. The (free!) Drop app PAYS YOU TO SHOP. If for some unbeknownst reason you are unconvinced by that line alone, let me elaborate: It pays you. To shop. At all the places you already shop at anyway.


    Look, I know you're probably thinking there's a catch, because you've been jaded by this cold, harsh world and the reality that most "free" things are never truly free. But take it from a fellow cynical grouch: There is no catch! You just link your credit and debit cards to the app, choose the places where you use your card the most (whether that's Lyft, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Amazon, or Walgreens, to name a few of the available brands and retailers) and wait for the rewards to roll on in.

    You automatically earn points every time you spend at your selected brands, plus there are one-time offers that pop up when you open the app that you can choose to activate as well.


    For instance, you might earn points for spending $15 at CVS before a certain date or for ongoing offers with particular brands (e.g., signing up for a Birchbox subscription). You'll also get bonus points for stuff like referring your friends, liking the Drop app on Facebook, and linking a second card to the app. It's really too easy to rack up them points.

    And every time you spend on any offer five times, there's even a fun little game you can play in the app to earn a couple of extra bonus points.


    It's basically the Snake game from your old Nokia phone, except the snake eats a little Drop emblem. '90s nostalgia and extra cash? Drop, you know what sets my heart aflutter. Count me TF in.

    Rewards are redeemable in the form of gift cards (to Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, Lululemon, and Shake Shack, among others), and according to the company, the average user earns between $2 and $5 per week.


    That seems about right: After my first month using the app, I earned enough points to redeem a $10 Amazon gift card. In the months since, I've perhaps gotten a little more frugal with my spending (post-holiday credit card bills, anyone?) and have accrued enough for a $10 Amazon gift card about every six weeks, but still — not too shabby!

    Note that Drop does not provide your personal information to any third parties, but does use info about your activity to personalize offers, evaluate, develop, and promote their partners' products and services — i.e., in the same way most sites do to run their programmatic advertising. Basically, companies pay for market research when it comes to shopping habits, and that's why these kind of apps are able to pay you. You can read more about Drop's privacy policy on its site.

    This app won't make you a millionaire, but who doesn't want an extra 10 bucks of spending money in their pocket each month or two for doing nothing besides shopping at the places they shop at every day anyway?!

    Get the app for your iOS or Android system from Drop for free. Me doing my everyday shopping now like:

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