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34 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up In NYC In The '90s Will Remember

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of chalked IDs, student MetroCards, and the fear of West Nile.

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2. If you were born in a year that ended with a round number, getting into bars with your chalked ID was a cinch.

1983 + red pencil + white pencil = easy one-way ticket to boozetown. 1981 took a little more skill. (And you never forgot to change the expiration date too.)


6. Shutting down all the strip clubs in Times Square somehow made it even more intolerable...except for this saving grace.


9. And you tested the limits of your student MetroCard on holidays — praying you wouldn't get caught by a transit officer and served a ticket.

"Oh, sorry, officer! I thought it was totally legal to use my card on Columbus Day..."


14. If you went to public school, you knew which lunch options to avoid like the plague. Lukewarm fish disc with a square block of cheese in the middle? Uh, no thanks.

17. You made a beeline to the giant bubbles as soon as you got to the Hall of Science before everyone else in your class got there first.

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19. During after-school bodega visits, you learned that sometimes a potato chip is not just a potato chip, but the very thing your existence depends on.

Me + Crazy Calypso = 4eva


33. And you learned what true fear smelled like in 1999, when they sprayed because of West Nile and everyone was told to stay indoors.

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And you were probably really annoyed you had to stay INDOORS all day with your FAMILY on a perfectly nice day.

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