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    10 Pairs Of Jeans That Actually Fit Like A Dream

    The best jeans — and jeggings! — tried, tested, and worn by our writers and editors.

    1. Levi 711 skinny jeans, a timeless classic you simply need in your wardrobe.

    2. High-waisted jeggings so comfy you might be tempted to dance in 'em all day long.

    3. A pair of skinny jeans that'll truly fit like a dream, once and for all.

    4. These Dickies jeans with a straight fit for achieving your skater dreams once and for all.

    5. A pair of high-waisted jeans with a legit high waist and a hint of stretch for the comfiest fit.

    6. Soft and structured mom jeans that won't stretch out or lose their shape.

    7. These tried-and-true jeggings affordable enough to buy in every color.

    8. A pair of "powerstretch" jeans that'll give your favorite pair of leggings a run for their money.

    9. Some high-waisted mom jeans that are narrow at the waist and loose at the hips and might just be a little cooler than the jeans your mom has in her closet.

    10. A pair of comfy-AF jeans responsible for finally converting a very passionate pants-hater.

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