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    32 Gifts You'll Want To Give Your Dog This Year

    Because dogs are the only things in this world that are good and pure, and they deserve all the presents, all the time.

    1. A subscription box — like The Dapper Dog (left), Pupjoy (right), or Barkbox — to treat your pup to fun surprises every month.

    2. A squeaking hide-a-squirrel toy for the insatiable squirrel-chaser to safely get their fix indoors.

    3. Or a gingerbread-house version of the pup-approved toy, because dogs don't understand what the holidays are but you do, and how cute is this thing?!

    4. A feeding mat to encourage their natural foraging instincts and occupy them by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.

    5. A seriously genius doggie doorbell so you can train your pup to communicate when they need to go outside to do their business and when they want to come back inside — no more scratching at the door (hopefully)!

    6. An Insta-worthy (and affordable!) shark bed for your small pupper that everyone who visits won't be able to stop talking about. I mean:

    7. Or a waterproof, antimicrobial orthopedic bed to keep your bigger or aging pup super comfy.

    8. A puzzle that hides treats in various compartments, making for an enriching, curiosity-piquing game chock-full of rewards.

    9. A special pupper seat belt to keep your pooch safe on every car (and bike) ride, because they should always buckle up too!

    10. A handheld massager, because name one pup who doesn't deserve regular massages?

    11. Musher's Secret, so they can play all winter long in the snow while their cute lil' paws are protected from salt and ice.

    12. A festive outfit, because the party doesn't start until a dog shows up in a seasonally appropriate costume.

    13. A bone-shaped personalized stocking fit for the very best good boy (or girl) in town.

    14. The (frankly, life-changing) Furbo, a two-way pet camera that lets you talk to your pup and toss them treats via app when you're away from home.

    15. A Chuckit dog-ball launcher so you can play fetch with your pupper without having to bend down or get slobber, mud, or dirt all over your hands from their grimy tennis ball.

    16. A sturdy and handsome doghouse to provide your pup with cozy new digs when they need a little break from their outdoor playtime.

    17. A booster seat for the car so you and your pup can head out on the open road comfortably and safely. (I mean...just look at how happy this lil' woofer is!)

    18. A top-zippered jacket that'll have your doggo tackling the elements in style.

    19. Or a velour hoodie for the sporty-chic pup in your life.

    20. A chic elevated feeder that adjusts to three levels, so your dog can eat comfortably, no matter their size.

    21. A colorful laser-engraved collar, to brighten up your pooch's look with a personalized touch.

    22. Some holiday PJs, because take a long hard look at this photo and tell me you need a reason to dress your dog up in festive pajamas.

    23. A pint of doggie-safe ice cream, so you and your pupper can enjoy a decadent treat together — no more sad puppy eyes staring down your dessert at the dinner table!

    24. A classic Kong treat-dispensing toy that'll keep your pooch entertained when you just don't have the energy for another round of fetch.

    25. A doggie DNA test like Embark, which could help shed some light on any potential breed-associated health issues (plus it's just fun to know what your pup's background is!).

    26. Pet steps so you can give your senior or tiny-legged pup the gift of climbing up to the couch, bed, or window sill with ease.

    27. Some treats in fun seasonal flavors like gingerbread and snickerdoodle that any pup would be be thrilled to find in their stocking.

    28. A festive bow tie so your doggo will never be without something to wear for a last-minute special occasion.

    29. A luxe-as-heck walking kit for the sophisticated dog who's got places to go and pups to see.

    30. The Whistle 3, a handy location and activity tracker that uses GPS so you can you keep tabs on a furry little escape artist's whereabouts — and also use it to track their daily activity levels and make sure they're getting the exercise they need.

    31. A set of toys for the pup who's on the naughty or nice list — because even the dog who ate your last pair of sneakers and peed on the couch deserves a gift too.

    32. And finally, a Winedog subscription — which comes with treats for you and your pupper, so you can both look forward to sharing a box of goodies every month.

    Happy howlidays to you and yours!

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