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    23 Affordable Sandals You'll Want To Buy In Every Damn Color

    It's time to stock up for sandal season!

    1. Strappy sandals that you might wind up wearing every damn day, and we definitely wouldn't judge you for it.

    2. Leather sandals perfect for a walk in the park — or a walk anywhere, really (and you won't have to worry about getting them drenched on a rainy day!).

    3. Gorgeous minimalist sandals that'll complement your workday outfit just as well as your nighttime looks, because they know how important it is to multitask.

    4. Ruffle slides, which, let's face it, are just too damn fun (and cheap!) not to buy in every color.

    5. Strappy sandals in pretty, muted colors that I'm willing to bet money will go with every last one of your spring and summer looks.

    6. Playful jellies that'll have you sliding straight into fun in the sun (and in the pool).

    7. A simple braided sandal for a chic upgrade on the old classic.

    8. Gladiator flats just as suited for a jaunt around Rome as they are for brunch or a night out.

    9. Seriously supportive and comfy fabric sandals that will make your feet will say, "OMG, thank you!" (Yeah, your feet can talk. They've just been waiting for these sandals.)

    10. A sandal with some bling, because honestly, your feet do a lot and they deserve to feel fancy sometimes.

    11. Super-comfy sandals that support your commitment to getting in 10K steps a day.

    12. Fun crisscross slides that'll make it a whole lot easier to transition from your house slippers into your footwear in the morning.

    13. An artsy sandal whose cool structured straps will turn your feet into a work of art.

    14. A pair of flat strap-happy sandals that want to prove to you that heels are overrated.

    15. Ridiculously comfortable T-strap sandals that are about to give your sneakers a run for their money.

    16. Chunky heels available in so many colors you can basically buy a pair to match every outfit you'll ever wear in a lifetime.

    17. A textured mesh Jeffrey Campbell sandal for when you're in the mood for a funkier, sporty spin on the casual slide.

    18. Crisscross leather sandals that are patiently waiting for you to book that beach vacation, thank you.

    19. A pretty tie-up sandal, because your ankles deserve to get in on the fun of cute new shoes too.

    20. Ankle-strap sandals that basically nail the whole two-different-colored-straps-in-one-shoe thing.

    21. Understated but vibrant slides guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest spring day, April showers be damned.

    22. A strappy lil' number available in both sophisticated and playful hues, because it respects that you're a multidimensional person.

    23. And ruffle-detail heels in a few striking colors that we're not saying might *actually* stop traffic, but we're not saying they won't, either.

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