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    30 Gorgeous Accessories Under $25 For Your Wedding

    Because let's face it: You spent enough on the damn dress.

    Maybe you spent a fortune on the perfect dress, or maybe you're planning your wedding on a budget — and looking at all the accessories you're going to want to pair with your dress has you feeling like:

    But don't fret, because there are tons of gorgeous accessories under $25 — many even under $20 — you can wear on your big day that people won't even realize you got for a steal!

    1. These pretty vintage-style hairpins to take your updo to new levels of elegance.

    2. A necklace-and-earrings set that's shining, shimmering, splendid — and will make you look like a real-life Disney Princess.

    3. Or some simple dangling pearl studs no one will know you didn't spend a fortune on.

    4. A luxurious-looking faux-fur stole to perfectly compliment any dress if there's a chill in the air.

    5. Flower-embellished pumps that are actually pictured in the dictionary next to the definition of "showstopper." (Just trust me on this one.)

    6. And some sparkling rhinestone flats to change into when you're ready to hit the dance floor and cut a rug — or hey, even to wear the whole day through!

    7. These teardrop earrings that will literally make people tear up when they see how stunning you look.

    8. A ribbon sash to add a dose of color and a fun detail to a simple wedding dress.

    9. A glamorous statement hair accessory that will, quite frankly, steal the whole damn show — watch your back, wedding gown.

    10. A leaf-design tennis bracelet for a pretty pop of shimmer that looks much more expensive than its affordable price tag would suggest.

    11. A pair of sparkly floral ear crawlers you might wind up wearing regularly way after the wedding festivities have ended.

    12. Or some snake statement earrings (snakement earrings, if you will?) for the bride with slightly edgier tastes.

    13. A simple, minimalist veil, if you want your dress to be the star of the show — and if you don't want your wallet to join along in the weeping when everyone watches you walk down the aisle.

    14. Or a more dramatic style with striking lace detailing, if a full-length look is more your speed.

    15. A glam fringed collar necklace that'll simply look lovely accessorizing a variety of necklines.

    16. A truly fabulous fascinator, if a traditional veil just isn't your scene.

    17. A pair of glimmering Mary Jane stilettos so pretty, even your dog will be mesmerized by them.

    18. A charming opal ring dipped in 14k gold, because your other hand is feeling a little lonely and you're still looking for that "something blue."

    19. A pretty scrunchie-scarf hybrid to wear during morning-of prepping — it'll pop in getting-ready photos, plus you can wear it at the end of the day when you're finally about to go to bed but aren't ready to stop looking festive!

    20. A dazzling vintage-style purse that'll hold all your essentials on the big day.

    21. Breathtaking dangling pearl-and-leaf earrings no one will beleaf cost under 15 bucks.

    22. Some lacy anti-chafing bands to keep you comfy the whole day though, even if you wed on one of the hottest days of the year.

    23. A bold beaded necklace that would accent a higher neckline or a plunging one perfectly.

    24. A soft and silky robe to wear while you're getting ready so your makeup and hair don't get messed up when it's time to get dressed.

    25. An adjustable floral crown to top off your boho bridal look in the prettiest way — you can even remove some of the flowers for a customized headpiece.

    26. Or a beautiful rhinestone headband, if a subtle touch of bling is more your thing.

    27. Gorgeous fingerless gloves that would honestly have Carrie Bradshaw shaking.

    28. A pair of cozy slippers you'll happily slide into while you're getting ready and after the longest day on your feet.

    29. A clear dome-shaped umbrella with charming floral detailing, in case your best day ever also happens to be the rainiest day ever.

    30. And finally, a silk pillowcase — because you probably spent a ton getting your hair (and maybe eyelashes?) done, so it might as well look just as great for the day-after brunch if you can pull it off!

    You, getting misty-eyed thinking about all that cash you just saved on your accessories:

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