A Typical Trip To The Drugstore With Your BFF In 1997

It's 1997. You and your BFF are bored and have some extra allowance money to blow. You know what that means: drugstore shopping spree!!!

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Realize Mom will NEVER let you out of the house with that on. Settle on a pack of LipSmackers instead — again.

Oooh the jewelry stand! Pick up a cool new mood ring because your old one rusted already.

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And you're pretty sure it didn't work, anyway, since it only ever changed from blue to slightly lighter blue.

Perfume time! You can't afford the real stuff on your measly allowance, but these will totally smell exactly the same.

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Plus, BODY SPRAY > PERFUME, duh. (Except Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers. You can make an exception for Sunflowers.)

And how about the year-end issue of Twist so you can PLAN THE ENTIRE NEXT YEAR BASED ON YOUR HOROSCOPE! Just need to find out what sign your crush is first.

The tear-out booklet will be so easy to sneak into your textbook during your super-boring math class. Sweet.