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    28 Holiday Gifts For Your Cat You'll Want To Spend Your Entire Paycheck On

    Spare tinsel lying around the house may be all they need, but here's to giving your cat what they deserve this year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A subscription to KitNipBox, so you can treat your kitty to fun surprises every month.

    2. A adorable flower-shaped water fountain that'll encourage your fluffer to stay hydrated.

    3. A plush lil' tent to give your cat the coziest, most comfortable private time ever.

    4. A gorgeous scratcher and lounge that doubles as a chic piece of furniture.

    5. A self-warming bed that'll make your feline's favorite activity even more enjoyable.

    6. Or a taco cat bed, for the fun-loving kitty who appreciates a good palindrome.

    7. An organic grass kit so you can grow the purrfect all-natural treat. (It helps with hairball control and digestion too!)

    8. Treats to stuff your kitty's stocking with that they'll love and that are great for their teeth. Win-win.

    9. A 32-inch scratching post that'll make both your cat and your couch very happy.

    10. A handheld pet massager to give your lil' furball the relaxing, blissful experience they deserve after a long day of lounging around the house sleeping.

    11. A newsboy hat for the most dapper cat on the block.

    12. A treat-dispensing camera that lets you check up on your furry bud and communicate with them when you're not at home.

    13. A festive collar sure to get your kitty in the holiday spirit.

    14. A tunnel-and-cat-house combo, for the meowzer who demands more than a measly cat bed, hooman!

    15. A DVD chockfull of dragonfly, butterfly, pigeon, and squirrel footage, to keep your furball entertained when toys have lost their luster.

    16. A Santa hat, because is it really the holidays unless you dress your cat up in something that makes them ask, "y tho?"

    17. A scratching pad that's as ridiculously adorable as it is functional, for the kitty who's been jonesing for a laptop of their own to snuggle up to.

    18. A raised food bowl to make every minute of gobbling down their kibble as comfy as possible.

    19. This toy that'll entertain your cat by making them work for their treats for once.

    20. The Furminator, a de-shedding tool your kitty and your fur-less furniture will adore equally.

    21. The Ripple Rug, which is one part toy, one part hideout, one part bed, one part scratcher β€” and 100% "hell yeah" for your curious feline companion.

    22. The Brooklyn Pet House, for the cat that's far too hip for your silly pet beds.

    23. A set of toys for the naughty kitty...and a set for the nice one too.

    24. A scratcher that doubles as a toy that floofs young and old won't be able to get their claws off of.

    25. A bubble-backpack pet carrier, so your kitty can get a taste of the great outdoors while traveling in serious style...

    26. ...or a pet stroller, for the feline who prefers to explore the world on wheels.

    27. Catnip fortune cookies that are just as much fun for your cat to play with as they are for humans to gift.

    28. And finally, a CatLadyBox subscription, which includes goodies for both you and your furry roommate.

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