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27 Signs You're A Backpacker

LOL, hotels.

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11. You know how to change into your PJs, settle into bed, and get dressed in the early morning using only the light of your cell phone — to keep from disrupting everyone else in your hostel room who's sleeping.


Getting a few bruises and accidentally washing your face with contact solution is the price you're willing to pay for a £10 room.

17. If you're ordering a cocktail outside of the U.S., you know to ask for "a double" if you expect anything remotely near the strength of what you'd normally drink — and realize you're better off just getting a pint.

26. But you pretty much have a free place to crash anywhere on the globe after meeting such awesome people in all the cities you've visited!


And you don't think twice about sharing your space when an international buddy needs a place to stay either.

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