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21 Animals Repenting For Their Sins At The St. Francis Feast

This weekend, plenty of fuzzy and feathered friends were blessed as part of an annual feast honoring the patron saint of animals. Here's why some of them came to church asking for forgiveness.

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9. Here's a scruffy little pup who's here to repent for always having her nose in the air. She can't help it — she just has a taste for the finer things in life, but is trying every day to be a little lower maintenance.


14. This dog feels pretty guilty about it, but he's really just not up for doing another yoga pose with his humans.

"Yea yea, the whole 'downward-facing dog' joke. Good one, guys. [*eye roll*]" —this dog

16. This terrier mix, who wants some forgiveness for making you explode into bits because his level of adorableness cannot even be comprehended by the simple human mind. ("Sorry, guys!" —this dog)

Bonus: This lil' tyke is also up for adoption! AND HIS NAME IS MARCUS MUMFORD. Check out Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for info on adopting him and other available doggies.

17. This pup is here to repent for distracting you from everything in your life because you'd rather just hang out in a pile of leaves and pet her instead of doing things like showering and eating and working.

FYI: This Lab puppy's legs were seriously injured after being hit by a truck :( — and she's about to have major surgery done. Her name is Christy Turlington, and she was rescued by Brooklyn Badass Animal Rescue — you can make a donation toward her surgery (and toward the care of other rescued doggies) here.


19. These sheep feel bad for always being so smug, but they just want to you face the truth already: They look better in wool than you do in that tacky-ass sweater.

21. This pocket-sized pooch, who's a little diva and refuses to use her tiny little legs to get from point A to point B and guess what — she's not really sorry at all.

She just came along for the ride because her plebeian human bribed her with treats and the promise of a leisurely stroll.

All photos by Emmy Favilla.