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18 Small Things You Can Do To Brighten Someone’s Day

Because it's true: A small gesture really can go a long way!

1. Let someone who seems to be in a rush cut in front of you in a line.

2. Send a card to a friend to simply thank them for being great.

3. Or send a text to a loved one just telling them how much you appreciate them.

4. Give someone — even a stranger — a genuine compliment, either IRL or online.

5. Give your seat on public transportation up to someone who needs it more than you.

6. If you notice someone staring at their phone who seems confused about where they're going, ask them if they need help.

7. Wake up a little early and make a surprise breakfast for your partner.

8. Shovel or sweep outside your neighbor's property after you've finished up with yours.

9. Tip your favorite barista a little extra, just because.

10. Give a great book you just finished to a friend.

11. Put a surprise note or silly drawing in your kid's lunchbox.

12. Lend a spare umbrella to someone who forgot theirs on a rainy day.

13. Leave a thoughtful note for someone at home.

14. Hold the dang door open for the person behind you.

15. Donate socks to a local homeless shelter or to homeless people in your neighborhood.

16. Make a playlist for someone.

17. Volunteer to read to animals at a local animal shelter.

18. Bring treats to your workplace — whether you've got leftovers from a big batch of baked goods you made or you've simply decided pick up something delicious on the way in because your coworkers are rad.