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16 Questions People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Answering

No, I don't want to see yours, actually.

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4. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my side. Do you think that's going to hurt?


If you are also a naked mole rat, probably not. But if you're a human, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and say it might hurt.

5. What does it MEAN?! (Usually asked by a stranger in a public place.)


Listen, dude. If I were interested in giving a dissertation detailing the inspiration behind my tattoos, I'd be at the Why I Got My Tattoo convention right now, not here at the bar catching up with my friend over some Guinness. (FYI: I am not a jerk. I just prefer to bond with strangers by, say, playing K-F-M using other bar patrons, or showing them adorable selfies of my cat. Not talking about my tattoos.)

12. Who did your tattoo — do you have his/her number?


No, but there's a cool new website called Google that might. (Don't get me wrong — I love my artist, and I would refer every tattoo-wanting human on the planet to him. I am not, however, a walking billboard for his business and don't carry his cards in my wallet. Sorry!)

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