10 Word Mix-Ups To Avoid, Presented By Bunnies

Because bunnies make it easy to see everything in a simpler light.

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1. Brought: past tense and past participle of "bring."

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This startled bunny's shrieks brought the neighbors when he noticed a burglar trying to sneak in through his bathroom window.

(Not "brung," not "brang." Pretty please — never "brang.")

3. Pixelated: to be displayed in such a manner that individual pixels are discernible.

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"Maybe if I submit a really pixelated version of this to the Cutest Bunny in the World contest, I'll stand a chance."

4. Palette: a range of colors; a board to hold and mix colors.

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This B-list celebrity bunny typically wears only neutral hues, but after her personal stylist suggested she consider other palettes, she made it to the top of every best-dressed list.

Compare with: typically used to indicate both similarities and differences.

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This bunny bed is guaranteed to give your kitten the best night's rest ever; compared with their use of traditional beds, kittens slept an average of 75% more comfortably.

8. Adverse: unfavorable; causing harm.

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These rebellious teen bunnies had an adverse reaction to using prescription drugs recreationally, but they were ultimately OK and have been sober ever since.

Discrete: individual, distinct.

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These two buns may be in love, but they claim each maintaining discrete interests and hobbies makes their relationship stronger and more interesting.