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    10 Places You Need To Visit In Your Twenties

    Warning: The following may inspire intense feelings of wanderlust.

    Everyone lives life differently in their twenties — so this is by no means a one-size-fits-all list — but during the decade-ish following your teenage years, it’s more likely than not you’ll be dealing with a (comparatively) limited cash flow, you may not necessarily prioritize family-friendly destinations, and you might be single and looking for a Based on affordability, nightlife, top cities for recent college grads, best places for singles, cultural experiences, and just plain exciting spots to visit, here’s a list of must-see destinations to explore before you turn 30.

    1. New Orleans, Louisiana

    2. Costa Rica

    3. Montreal, Canada

    4. Austin, Texas

    5. Berlin, Germany

    6. South Beach, Florida

    7. Thailand

    8. Nashville, Tennessee

    9. Barcelona, Spain

    10. Denver, Colorado