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Which Home Style You Prefer?

The so-called decoration style simply is based on a certain concept to design the whole house. Here I summed up the characteristics of several mainstream decoration styles and the crowd each would be applicable to. Hope it could help you to build an ideal home as you wish.

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1.American style

Features: Broad, comfortable, known as the mixture of variety styles. With European luxury and extravagance, combined with the uninhibition of American continent, as it's shown in the United States film: free and casual, simple and nostalgic, practical and comfortable, a sense of culture, a sense of gas, the pursuit of rough atmosphere , Natural and at the same time without the lack of sense of emotion.

Applicable people: like low-key random, respected practical home, family members and age stratification obvious people. Suitable for a unique personality, open personality, with a certain economic base, and preference for American life crowd.

2. European style

Features: A large areas of white, off white and all kinds of golden, silver with the combination of organic, coupled with the unique European style of the column structure, form a unique luxury, rich style.

Applicable to the crowd: luxury and rich, moving more than static are its two unique characteristics, so for those who pursuit of fashion, luxury and love moving, this is the right decoration style. Large rooms, villas and other large home decoration also apply.

3. Japanese style

Features: indifferent peace, fresh and refined, decorated most of its emphasis on its functionality, less embellishment, modeling simple, mostly straight lines. The luxury style is almost impossible in the Japanese-style home. In the Japanese style, returning to nature is the biggest feature. In the color, function, modeling design is respected close to nature, emphasizing naturalism, so that users have a feeling of being in nature.

Applicable people: enjoy the Japanese culture and seek for peace in the city life.

5. Chinese style

Features: The composition of the Chinese style is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture (mostly for the Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture) and the black and red-based decorative colors. With the symmetrical layout, simple and beautiful furniture shape and the strong as well as mature color, this is a very elegant style.

Applicable people: suitable for the Chinese traditional culture lover and mature people.

4. Nordic style

Features: Many people can not tell the Nordic and Japanese.In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish. The Nordic style will use solid wood but not only with solid wood, but also use a lot of new materials. Based on the background of the white color, they would add bright decorative paintings and other decorative, which is not seen in Japanese style. The Nordic design must be simple, direct, functional and close to nature.

Applicable people: like home organized, love clean, pay more attention to the details of color and home clean people. Suitable for the crowd that advocate nature, enjoy life and like a simple lifestyle.

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