Party Problems

We’ve all done it, waited until the last minute to get ready for Saturday night shenanigans. But somehow, we always manage to bring everyone else down with us.

1. It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means… PARTY TIME!

2. But before you go, you have to make yourself at least a little presentable

3. Sadly, it won’t be as easy as bippity boppity boo

4. It may take a little reassurance from your friends…

5. …but soon you’re ready for anything

6. Unfortunately, things never seem to fit right…

7. …or your friends are like

8. Which is when you beg for help

9. Don’t even get me started on costume parties

10. because you just want to give up and settle on this

11. And then there’s makeup, which always takes a billion tries to get right

12. Stepping in front of the mirror, you realize

13. When you finally get to the party, you’re like

14. But as always there’s nothing better than returning home after a wild night

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