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The Best Things About Moving Out Of Your Parents' House least until Laundry Day.

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Everyone leaves home at some point. For many, that time may be just after high school, when they go away to college. In this case, there's still a connection to the home of childhood. But when individuals finally have their own home—an apartment or even a rented house—there are many unforeseen benefits that accompany the challenges of living independent of parental care and the restriction of someone else's rules. This article discusses several of these perks, and offers advice on how to traverse potentially difficult situations.

1. You Discover Yourself


When living under the roof of parents, the rules are theirs, as well as the burden of responsibility. When you move into your own space, those burdens become yours. In the process, however, you discover how you like to run your household, as well as how to cope with potential disasters or problems. The rules of the house are yours to make. While at first it may feel nice to have a place where anything goes, over time, you’ll develop a framework of expectations for guests and behaviors for yourself. The important aspect is that you determine how and when they get done.


This is both liberating and, at times, a bit scary. How do you cope with the hot water heater leaking, starting a cooking fire by accident, or any other small, relatively contained disaster? When do you take the trash out, clean your bathroom, do your laundry? How are guests asked to behave?

2. The Décor is Yours


Once you get beyond the Spartan style of “good enough” decorating, you’ll discover that you have specific tastes. In your own space, you’ll be able to expand and elaborate based upon those personal likes or dislikes. Furniture and accessory shopping for the first time is an enlightening—and sometimes overwhelming—experience. Whether you choose to incorporate your existing furniture into a new design scheme or decide to redo your entire interior, it’s a good idea to have a plan ahead of time. An expert from The Storage Center recommends storing your old furniture in a secure location while you redecorate--this way, you create space to put new pieces while you work on selling or rehoming your old decor.


During the redecoration process, you may find yourself paying attention to displays or the décor of the homes of friends, trying to figure out what you want in your own home. If you share space with roommates, this can be a time when interpersonal skills are put to the test.

3. New Spheres of Social Interaction


Chances are, you won’t be in quite the same neighborhood as your old crew from high school or college. This means that you’ll be establishing new friendships and working relationships—with the freedom to meet and mingle that’s often absent while living with parents. You may have to find roommates with whom you’re comfortable. This is a delicate negotiation, since some friends make terrible roommates, no matter how much you enjoy their company.


You’ll find that you have an entirely new set of social options as an independent adult—clubs, bars, social gatherings in the homes of others—and you’ll begin developing rules and standards for yourself that you didn’t believe you could at a younger age. This can be as simple as setting your own curfew in order to be up in time for work Monday morning, or choosing to be responsible, rather than have another drink at a social gathering.

4. Budgeting and Spending


It may not sound like it, but earning money and spending it on necessities—food, bills, clothing, and transportation—can actually be incredible. You are supporting yourself, and the pride that comes with this in a huge part of being independent of your parents. You’ll have times that are worrisome, as every adult does, but you’ll also discover that you can handle the pressure. While you may not always be able to spend your funds the way you want, a huge perk of moving out is that you aren’t answerable to anyone but yourself.


Moving out for the first time can be stressful. It is also fantastically rewarding. Whether you plan to live alone or share a place with friends, it’s important that you give yourself room to grow into your new living situation. Some rules will work better than others, some plans for space or funds allocation will fall through. The key feature of independent living is being able to work around unexpected obstacles, bills, or changes in relationships.

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