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Holiday Driving, As Told By GIFs

Ho ho hold on for dear life.

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So, it's that time of year again.

The season to celebrate peace on earth...

And good will to men.

Most of us are too caught up in the spirit of the season

To remember that driving during the holidays is a straight-up nightmare.

The cause of the madness seems to be a combination of icy roads...

...and other drivers' icy souls.

You feel like people should be nicer, in light of the holidays...

But everyone else on the road seems to be like

You, of course, have mastered driving in hazardous conditions...

...but, somehow, a little bit of snow makes every other driver forget how to operate a vehicle.

But it's not all bad!

Tis the season for drivers everywhere to take to the roads in pursuit of holiday adventures (or a paycheck, for those working in retail). This means you'll get to meet a lot of exciting people during your holiday commute:

There's the Holiday Hit-and-Run Family

Their minivan has become the monster that deer tell stories about to scare their fawns.

The college students back in town for the holidays

Some of these make it their holiday mission to cram all the joy they've missed out on over the semester into a single, chaotic week. The road is no exception--expect homeward bound students to be belting out carols in a desperate attempt to force enough warm holiday sentiments to make their celebratory Facebook status updates sound at least a little sincere.

Winter Survivalists

These guys are ready.

What they're ready for isn't clear, but from the looks of it, it's going to be cold and it's not going to appreciate your knockoff North Face jacket. A Winter Survivalist can be identified by their expertly-chained tires and copious amounts of rations and below-zero survival gear. These are the guys you want around when your car gets caught up in a snow drift.

The guy who had a little too much fun at the office Christmas party

This one is bad news. If you see someone driving erratically and suspect they may be under the influence, be sure to keep as far away from their vehicle as possible. A specialist from Valley Driving School recommends getting far behind the intoxicated driver, as you don't want them driving behind you. Take note of their license plate number and vehicle information and call the authorities as soon as it is safe for you to pull over and use a phone.

The Show-Off

We get it--you're really, really good at driving in the snow. Your car's weight is perfectly distributed, your steering technique is unmatched, and your tires are enchanted with Level 10 Frost Resistance. As much as we enjoy living in the slush-spray of your greatness, could you cut it out? There's only so much icy mush our windshields can take.

The Show-Off That Really Shouldn't Be Showing Off

There's a certain nobility in the attempt, and these drivers know it. So they flipped their car mid-drift--so what? So they needed a dozen passerby to help dig their car out of the ditch they slid into when they were going 10 miles over the speed limit despite icy conditions? So what--they looked super cool doing it. YOLO.

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