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Hamburger Heaven: The Seven Best Regional Burgers You'll Ever Eat

Nothing can vanquish a ravenous appetite better than that pinnacle of American cuisine—the hamburger. Almost every region in the States has their own take on burger preparation, ingredients, flavor and presentation, but one thing remains the same—they all taste great.

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Frita Cubana


In Florida’s famous Cuban-inspired burger, seasoned pork or chorizo is mixed into the beef base for a mouth-watering spicy kick. The whole thing is then topped with shoestring fries and, oftentimes, a “secret sauce” that varies between Frita Cubana-selling establishments.

Frybread Burger


Some states have upgraded from the normal sesame or brioche bun. Arizona is known for the frybread burger, a nod to Arizona's rich Native American history. The frybread burger consists of a juicy patty nestled between two pieces of iconic American Navajo bread.

Louis’ Lunch Burger


What about regular ol’ sandwich bread? The hamburger sandwich from Louis' Lunch in Connecticut claims to be the oldest burger in America. A beef patty with a slice of tomato and layer of cheese spread between two pieces of toast make this tasty piece of history.

The “Ghetto Burger”


Famous Georgia establishment Ann’s Snack Bar offers what the New York Times declared the “Best Burger in America” in 2007—the “Ghetto Burger”. This famous sandwich features a heap of chili slopped over a double bacon cheeseburger with a “secret ingredient”. If you care to find out what that is, you’ll have to head out to Atlanta and get one for yourself!

Bama Burger


Another tasty Florida creation, the Bama burger features an Angus beef patty piled high with grilled onions, jalapenos, bacon, and both Swiss and cheddar cheese. Only available at Flora-Bama, the Bama burger was described as one of the “best burgers on the beach” by Alabama website

The Hot Hawaiian


When it comes to twists on the classics, Hawaii has you covered with the Hot Hawaiian. This sandwich is topped with the most Hawaiian ingredients around, pineapple and Spam. Add in a squirt of spicy mayonnaise for a true cheeseburger in paradise.

The Pueblo Slopper


There are some burgers out there that completely break the mold. Take a trip to Colorado to experience the Pueblo Slopper. This aptly-named burger is completely smothered—to the point of drowning—with cheese and a spicy green-chile sauce, this sandwich is one of a kind.

No matter where you end up in America, if you have a craving for a great burger, every state has you covered. A trip to burger heaven is just an order (and, in Colorado, plenty of napkins) away.

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