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Game Of Homes: What Would The Castles Look Like In A Modern Westeros?

What if North America was home to the Great Houses of Westeros, each ruling a region, from the Mojave Desert to British Colombia and the Eastern Seaboard? What would their castles look like in our own world?

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In the heart of Death Valley, California, where recorded temperatures have topped 130 degrees Fahrenheit, sits a Spanish-style manor called "Scotty's Castle". This remote desert residence could easily act as a modern version of Sunspear, capital of the sparsely populated desert region of Dorne.


The seat of one of Westeros' second-wealthiest family, House Tyrell, a modern Highgarden would be elegant, grandiose, and--of course--surrounded by lush gardens. This French Chateau in Asheville, North Carolina certainly fits the bill, boasting several courtyards and two acres of gorgeously landscaped property.

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