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10 Cosplayers Who Went Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

With each passing year, anime and video game conventions push the creativity and talent of cosplayers everywhere. People wearing costumes to conventions is nothing new, but the amount of detail the modern cosplayer puts on display is astounding. Here is just a taste of what the best in the business have created.

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Iron Man 2: Warmachine by Rancid Props


It’s one thing to craft your own armor from plastic sheets; it’s another to add in the chest and eye lights. The helmet even opens upward, just like Tony Stark’s.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dragoon by Layton Props


The weapon alone is impressive, but the armor is breathtaking. The entire set doesn't have a single piece of metal. It’s entirely made from hand-painted craft foam, warbla and Plasti Dip.

While by no means an all-inclusive list, expect these and other cosplayers to continue to impress at cons like Momocon in the years to come. A quick visit to their Facebook or Deviant Art pages alone reveals the wealth of impressive projects and costumes soon to come.

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